Children and Youth

Youth Mentor

Do you practice an active prayer life and a growing relationship with God? Are you a seriously cool individual with youth as your primary concern? Would you be someone who loves to help young people with issues and problems, organizes trips and events, and much more?

Youth Worker

About 30% of Namibians are around 20 years old. After Namibia's Independence, young people began to leave their churches, and one big reason was that the youth programs offered were old-fashioned and unappealing to them. Their perceived hypocrisy in the daily lives of the older generation who preached God's Word but hadn't lived it out was another deterrent. So now the church is rapidly losing the young generation.

Educational Assistance--Tutoring

Use your love and desire to work with children to impact the lives of school children in the Cotahuasi Canyon. Most of the area's secondary school youth come to the main village of Cotahuasi in order to attend classes. Poor quality public education continues to be a burden on the community. Remedial tutoring and general help with homework can answer an urgent need of the community and open doors for evangelism.

Children's Ministries

If you love children and children's ministries, this one is for you! During this year as an intern in Uruguay, many ministry options are available, including partnering with Children Evangelism Fellowship, Radio Norte Christian daycare, and several local churches in their Sunday school and children's programs. A possibility also exists of teaching English or German in a private school, either as a teacher or a conversational tutor.

Youth and University Ministries

If you enjoy the stimulation of interaction with young people, this internship is right up your alley! You would work with high school and university students in established ministries, such as International Christian Fellowship, Campus Crusade for Christ, and Youth for Christ. You would build mentoring relationships with youth in local churches and organize outreach, fellowship, and evangelism events. This is an opportunity of a lifetime to grow in your own faith, make Jesus known, and to learn interactive skills.

Rural Youth Worker

Would you like to help meet the number one ministry need according to the local believers? If you have a gift in relating to youth, love fun and organizing activities for groups, then you can minister to the teens of Loja Province.

Children's Ministry Development Facilitator

Are you experienced as a facilitator of children's ministries? Do you have the gift of teaching? Working through a local church or several churches in an area, you would share a burden for children's ministry with the pastors, church leadership, and finally the congregation. Some churches may already have people who desire to reach children, yet they don't know where to begin. And, others might already be trying something, yet they need more direction, better methods, and materials. Do you think the Lord would use your gifts in this ministry?


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