Children and Youth

Ministry with Neglected Children

We live in a city with thousands of street children. We even have found whole families living out in the streets. Our vision is to bring them to the heart of our heavenly Father, the real cargiver. We strive to show them the love of Christ, to tell them that God has a plan for them and a bright future. Would you be a channel of blessing from God to these children?

Children's Ministry Development Coordinator

Are you gifted and trained in working with children? How would you like to pass those gifts to others? Here is a wonderful opportunity for you to work with local church leaders, training them to see children as valuable members of the Body of Christ.
You would network with churches and para-church organizations for training in developing children's ministry through Bible clubs, holiday clubs, and other programs. You would demonstrate follow-up, recruiting of other teachers, and mentoring.

Outreach and Discipleship to Youth

Do you enjoy young people? Would you like to base your life's work on ministering to them? Almost half of Guinea's population is under the age of 14, so reaching out to children is strategic. You would focus mainly on the age group 12-18.
You would help establish and direct activities that assist the youth and allow for relationships to be developed. We envision a tutoring and activities program. Tutoring with their school work and providing sports activities would give an evangelistic and discipleship opportunity.

Indigenous Student Ministry

In Santa Cruz, the rural indigenous populations are some of the least reached with the gospel and the most marginalized by Bolivian society. When some of the youth are able to finish high school and go to university in the big city, they leave their family, village, and culture behind.

Youth Mentor

Do you practice an active prayer life and a growing relationship with God? Are you a seriously cool individual with youth as your primary concern? Would you be someone who loves to help young people with issues and problems, organizes trips and events, and much more?

Youth Worker

About 30% of Namibians are around 20 years old. After Namibia's Independence, young people began to leave their churches, and one big reason was that the youth programs offered were old-fashioned and unappealing to them. Their perceived hypocrisy in the daily lives of the older generation who preached God's Word but hadn't lived it out was another deterrent. So now the church is rapidly losing the young generation.


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