International Schools and MK Education

Philip and Claire Tuttlebee, Anna, Evan & Grace

Claire and Philip are preparing to serve at Bingham Academy, Ethiopia where Claire will teach biology and chemistry, Philip will be Facilities Manager and Anna, Evan and Grace will study. Sent by Grosvenor Road Baptist Church in the Republic of Ireland, Philip and Claire would very much value your prayers as they strive to get everything in place to begin service at the beginning of the summer term.

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Vicky Howard

Vicky is a teacher at Bingham Academy, Addis Ababa. Sent by Christ Church, Walkey, Vicky is passionate about sharing the gospel with the children she teaches and with others.

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Please pray

  • For good gospel conversations with students and others in Addis

  • That her new role will prompt gospel conversations with friends and family

  • That Vicky settles well into a new role and a new culture

Tom and Jemma Fifield, Ellie and Miriam

Tom and Jemma are both teachers at Bingham Academy,, Ethiopia. They have always wanted to share their faith through their work but found that impossible in the UK - they both see it as a huge joy that they are able to do that at Bingham. Sent bySt Mary's Church, Bury St Edmunds, they are now settled in Addis Ababa.

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Please pray

  • Thank God for the prayer and financial support which has been forthcoming

Niall McCune

Niall McCune is a teacher at Bingham Academy, Addis Ababa, a Christian school which educates many children from mission families and some from Ethiopian families. Sent and supported by Newry Baptist Church, Niall enjoys sharing his faith through his work and seeing how the gospel impacts his pupils.

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Please pray:

  • That Niall would have plenty of opportunities to share his faith through his work

Naomi Jones

Naomi is a Bible teacher at several schools in and around Cape Town. She has worked there for several years and joined Serving In Mission in 2015. Sent and supported by Windsor Baptist Church, Belfast, Naomi longs to see the gospel impact young lives in a country which faces many challenges.

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Please pray:

  • That Naomi would teach the Bible faithfully to the young people she encounters

Theresa Ebrahim-Adem

Theresa is a history teacher at Bingham Academy, Addis Ababa - a Christian school teaching the children of mission workers, the international community and Ethiopian families. Sent by Hamilton Baptist Church, she married Aki in 2015 and they now have a baby girl, Eliana.

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Please pray:

  • Praise God for the increased numbers of staff wanting to teach at Bingham

Naomi Coleman

Naomi is teaching the children of mission workers in Mandritsara, Madagascar. Most of their parents work in a mission hospital which treats some of the poorest people on the island. Naomi, who is sent by Cambray Baptist Church, Cheltenham, lives on the hospital compound, where there is also the school, a radio station and a church. 

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Moira and Andy Irvine

Moira and Andy Irvine are serving in Bolivia on our Immerse programme, which is designed to help people in their 20s get a real taste of mission working alongside more experienced gospel workers. Moira is a teacher at a school in Cochabamba, while Andy, who is a qualified electrician, is helping with church planting and discipleship through his local church. The couple are sent by Chalmers Church, Edinburgh.

Janet Parke

Janet Parke has been working at the Mukinge Hill Academy with Serving In Mission since 1999.  In January,2000 she became Head Teacher, a role that she has only recently relinquished. Janet now acts as a mentor to current head teacher Mrs Musonda, with whom she is pictured, and to other, more junior staff – helping them to improve their teaching skills.

Through the witness of Janet and other teaching staff, many of the pupils that attend the school have come to know and love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Claire Robinson

Claire Robinson has been working with Serving In Mission since 2010 and is now head teacher at Mukinge Hill Academy in Zambia. Claire studied at All Nations Christian College in the UK and is inspired by seeing the children she teaches 'come into a relationship with Christ and grow into devoted, mature followers.’

Claire is supported by Glenabbey Church, Newtownabbey.

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