International Schools and MK Education

Shorter-Term Missions Exposure

Are you looking for a place to be used of God? SIM Mozambique would like to provide opportunities for young people to experience missions in Mozambique with the idea that some may return as long term missionaries. Throughout this experience, you would help teach English, help with home schooling, learn Portuguese, and help with many other areas of ministry.

Teaching English

Are you qualified to teach English as a second language? Would you like to form some crucial relationships through teaching?
If you would be willing to teach English in this Muslim community, you may form relationships leading to evangelism. If you also speak Portuguese, you could also be involved additional ministries in the local churches and community.

Elementary Education Teachers, Galmi

Are you a teacher looking for a way to use your God-given gifts in ministry? Look no further! The Galmi day school is ready for you.
The purpose of Galmi Hospital is to glorify the name of Jesus Christ by demonstrating the love of God, offering physical and spiritual healing, proclaiming the Gospel, and making disciples. Consider how God may call you to use you and your skills to support the Galmi team. Your role contributes to the work of the hospital by providing an education for the children of missionary staff serving there.

High School English Teacher

Impact Bolivia and beyond through education! Around the world there is a high demand for international, English schools. What better way to "educate for eternity than by giving a high quality English education from a biblical perspective? Carachipampa Christian School is uniquely positioned to influence a segment of society that is often separated from Gospel witness.


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