Medical and Health Ministry

Assistant Health Program Manager

Do you thrive on challenge? Do you have a vision for providing health management in the most needy and hard-to-reach communities? Do you have a heart to share Jesus' love with those who have never heard? Do you have leadership and administrative gifts? Are you flexible and willing to live where the peace is fragile? If this is you, then pray about joining our Health Project Team as Assistant Health Program Manager and know the joy of serving in the place Jesus has prepared for you.

Trinity Dental Clinic Volunteers

This is a great opportunity for a person with skills in the dental field. By providing quality dental health here at ELWA Hospital's Trinity Dental Clinic, you can minister to the whole person and be involved in building the body of Christ. You may volunteer at Trinity Dental Clinic anywhere from two weeks to two years. Practice your dental training with the team and train others while you're at it. You can have an eternal impact.

Research Nurse

Are you a nurse with an analytical mind? Would you let God use that gift in missions? There is an opportunity right here in Malawi.
Data management and program evaluation are important aspects of quality care. Since antiretroviral therapy provision in resource-limited settings is a recent development, there are still many unanswered questions about optimal diagnosis and management of HIV/AIDS patients.

Nutrition Village Assistant

As part of the Doro Primary Health Care Centre, the Nutrition Village fulfills SIM's strategy to rebuild Sudan, church and nation, by providing urgently-needed health care for the people of this war-torn nation. Specifically, infant and child malnutrition is a huge problem affecting the Mabaan people. Infant mortality is greater than 130 per 1000 population. Crisis treatment as well as support and education are a critical need.

Laboratory Technician

Malawi is being devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Nearly 16% of adults is infected with the HIV virus; in the cities the rates are 25-40%. In its wake, the epidemic has orphaned over 400,000 children. The epidemic offers tremendous opportunities for the Gospel.


The AIDS crisis is one of SIM Malawi's priorities for the field strategy. This epidemic offers tremendous opportunities for the Gospel.


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