Technical Services

Church Planting/Evangelist/Small Engine Repair Specialist

If you love to talk about Jesus and know how to fix small engines, motorcycles, and chainsaws, then here is your opportunity! Men of all ages hang out at the repair shop, and competent, trustworthy mechanics are hard to find. This creates a natural opportunity for evangelism, as well as discipleship of helpers getting on-the-job training and learning to follow Jesus at the same time.

Biomedical Equipment Maintenance

Who knows if God has had you train in the field of biomedical engineering just for this? At Mukinge Hospital, we desire to show the practical love of Christ by providing medical care to the people in the district. Over the past 10 years, Mukinge has undergone modernization and upgrading of its electrical supply and has begun to invest in more specialized medical equipment.

Aircraft Maintenance Specialists

As a maintenance specialist, you'll serve a vital role in implementing Sudan's rebuilding strategy by providing transportation service to those in various ministries in South Sudan--serving those who serve. After one year, you could be based at Lokichoggio, the entry field into Sudan or in South Sudan and linked with a partner aviation ministry.

Building and Maintenance Supervisors

Have you ever considered using your construction skills in ministry?
Niger is in a time of growth and realizing opportunities for sharing the Gospel like never before. Part of this growth includes constructing new buildings, maintaining old ones, and taking care of general maintenance problems. As a construction or maintenance supervisor, you can contribute to SIM Niger's vision to plant, encourage, and work with the local church, not only by using your practical skills but also by building relationships with hired construction and maintenance workers.

Maintenance Supervisor

Have you ever thought about using your maintenance skills at a conference center? Skogheim is a full-service conference and retreat centre once owned and operated by AEF, and it has maintained a partnership with SIM since that time. Our mission is to provide a special place free of distractions where people of all ages may experience life-changing encounters with Christ through His Word. Comfortable rooms and landscaped grounds help to create an atmosphere of rest and refreshment.

General Helper for Galmi

Have you always wished you could be involved in cross-cultural ministry, but you didn't know what you could do? If you would like to be a general helper, this is a perfect opportunity for you!
The purpose of Galmi Hospital is to glorify the name of Jesus Christ by demonstrating the love of God, offering physical and spiritual healing, proclaiming the Gospel, and making disciples. Consider how God may use you and your skills to support the Galmi team.

ELWA Services Advisor/Trainer

One hundred thirty-seven acres, over 50 buildings, a power plant, water system and roads--all these are maintained by the ELWA Services Division where the ELWA radio, hospital, and academy carry on ministry near Liberia's capital, Monrovia. Come work alongside the Liberian management of ELWA to undergird these efforts to firmly establish the kingdom of God in this post-war nation.


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