Gifts — £25 to £49

Child Friendly Spaces - Salary for a language teacher for a month

SIM partners serving in Iraq are providing child friendly spaces for displaced Iraqi families and Syrian refugees. Managed by believers, the child friendly spaces offer the children an opportunity to recover and develop by providing educational, recreational and psychosocial support activities. A gift of £37 will pay a language teacher for a month to provide the children with supplementary Kurdish lessons to help them integrate into the community.


Mukinge Operating Theatre - Roofing sheet

The current operating theatre at Mukinge Mission Hospital is old and it is a struggle to meet the demands of surgical needs. The planned new theatre will have 5 operating rooms, a recovery area, sterilizing room, clinic, and an attached ICU-a huge improvement that will provide better surgical services for the people of Kasempa and beyond. A gift of £45 will buy a roofing sheet for the new building.


Church Planting, Central Asia - Transport to other believers

The Church planting project in central Asia aims to plant culturally relevant expressions of the body of Christ among a group of people where there is almost no church and there has been little gospel witness for the last 150 years. A gift of £35 will pay for the transport costs for an isolated Christian worker to access spiritual nourishment by visiting others living a day’s journey away.


Vulnerable Children's Scholarship - School Uniform

Mukinge Hill Academy Vulnerable Children’s scholarship project seeks to identify and give vulnerable children in the community access to a high quality primary education, that they couldn’t otherwise afford. This will improve their opportunities and their families circumstances in the longer term.  Each day the children are taught from the Bible and teachers seek to introduce them to Jesus as their Lord and Saviour so that they also leave school with a firm foundation in their faith. 

A gift of £30 will provide a child at Mukinge Hill Academy in Zambia with a school uniform.


English Language Ministries - five weeks' school fees

English Language Ministries (ELM) is the Serving In Mission project which provides opportunity for the Bridge school in Ethiopia to impact the lives of their students with the gospel.  ELM run a social program, an 'English Cafe' and Bible studies.  As an example, following an English lesson where the environment and pollution were studied, an optional Bible study was run called 'Getting clean from spiritual pollution'. Sixteen students attended.

A gift of £25 will pay the fees of an evening student for 5 weeks.


Scholarships, Ghana - Tuition for one student for a month

The Good News Bible Church partners with SIM Ghana to reach thousands of people who still live and die without hearing or understanding the gospel. But how can a church reach out when they lack strong leadership? The Scholarship project has 13 young men waiting to attend Bible school to better equip themselves for God’s call on their lives to be pastors. At present funds are insufficient to support those already in school.

A gift of £25 will provide tuition for one student for a month.


Mukinge Water Project - Help buy a generator

Gospel workers in Mukinge have been sharing the love of Christ with patients at the hospital in Zambia for over 50 years. The water system that supplies the hospital, school and housing is contaminated with harmful bacteria. All water must be boiled and filtered before it is safe to drink. The water supply also relies on electric pumps which are affected by power outages. There is a desperate need to install a water purification system, a protective wall and a generator to power the pumps that supply the hospital, school and housing of workers in Mukinge.


Lumeji Training Centre - One bag of fertiliser

The training center at Lumeji river encourages young men and women to learn metalwork and agricultural skills to prepare themselves for future employment. Taught by mission workers, this project provides the opportunity to build relationship and share testimonies with young people who otherwise may never hear the good news. The skills learnt are used to help farmers in rural areas to improve their crop yield.

A gift of £40 will provide the project with a bag of fertiliser to improve the quality and quantity of planted produce.


Mukinge Medicine Project - One month's treatment for diabetics

Mukinge Mission Hospital is currently experiencing a drug shortage, forcing the pharmacy to ration medicines and leaving patients without proper medications. This is a major issue for a hospital that provides care to approximately 1,000 inpatients and 2,000 outpatients every month. The hospital has a limited amount of funding which is insufficient to purchase the drugs required. The drugs shortage significantly affects the quality of care that Mukinge Mission Hospital can provide to its patients.



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