Consultant to Maintenance Manager

Has God gifted you in areas of construction and maintenance? Did you know that these are valuable qualities in missions? At the ECWA hospital in Egbe, Nigeria, good infrastructure was once in place and working well. After many years of deterioration, we would like to see it rise again to a high standard and witness to the community.
As a consultant to the Maintenance Manager, you will make the hospital more functional as the facilities and equipment are maintained to a high standard and the Maintenance Manager is trained and mentored. It will also be a way to care for SIM members who live and work at the hospital. The addition of a missionary in this key position will broaden the opportunities for mission impact in the region.
Your responsibilities will include giving advice to the Nigerian Maintenance Manager, providing leadership and management training for the grounds, maintenance, and building staff, giving guidance on improvement of plant infrastructure and instilling a maintenance mindset with proactive upkeep and scheduled maintenance.

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