Administrative Assistant

Use your clerical, organizational, and computer skills to fill a critical need in SIM Nigeria's administation. We envision a young person or perhaps a retired person to come and help support SIM Nigeria's admin team through a staffing crisis. Your skills can make a huge difference to keep our field ministries moving forward.

Assistant Health Program Manager

Do you thrive on challenge? Do you have a vision for providing health management in the most needy and hard-to-reach communities? Do you have a heart to share Jesus' love with those who have never heard? Do you have leadership and administrative gifts? Are you flexible and willing to live where the peace is fragile? If this is you, then pray about joining our Health Project Team as Assistant Health Program Manager and know the joy of serving in the place Jesus has prepared for you.

Youth Mentor

Do you practice an active prayer life and a growing relationship with God? Are you a seriously cool individual with youth as your primary concern? Would you be someone who loves to help young people with issues and problems, organizes trips and events, and much more?

Technology Coordinator, Skogheim Christian Conference Centre

Have you ever thought of using your creative abilities and your knowledge of graphic arts in a conference centre? Skogheim is a full-service conference and retreat centre once owned and operated by AEF and it has maintained a partnership with SIM since that time. Our mission is to provide a special place free of distractions where people of all ages may experience life-changing encounters with Christ through His Word.

Personnel Coordinator

The South Sudan team needs a Personnel Coordinator from mid-2015. The current instabilities are opening up many opportunities with unreached people groups, and we want to see our team grow. Would you come to mobilise and support our team to thrive in the hard places where Gospel seeds are planted? Please pray about whether this could be you!

Youth Worker

About 30% of Namibians are around 20 years old. After Namibia's Independence, young people began to leave their churches, and one big reason was that the youth programs offered were old-fashioned and unappealing to them. Their perceived hypocrisy in the daily lives of the older generation who preached God's Word but hadn't lived it out was another deterrent. So now the church is rapidly losing the young generation.


Are you serious about missionary involvement, but still need to finish university or professional training, pay off loans, or fulfill other requirements to become a long-term missionary? An internship program can give you exposure to missions, provide cultural orientation, and teach you about ministry, contributing to your preparation for missions. You would work directly with a more experienced missionary in a mentoring relationship and be involved daily with the missionaries in their tasks.

Sports Friends Ministry Development Leader

Are you gifted and trained in sports activities? Do you have leadership skills? With this combination of skills, you could provide leadership for the development of sports ministry programs in Ghana.
You would focus on vision casting, training, mobilizing, and developing a model for church-centered sports ministry. You would have the privilege of serving and supporting Ghanaian denominational and church-planting partners in the development of sports ministry programs.


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