Associates and Teams Coordinator

Do you enjoy people and also have administrative skills? Would you be interested in developing a program for Associates and teams who come to Benin for periods of a couple of weeks up to two years? SIM Benin/Togo desires to intentionally recruit short-term Associates and teams who would work alongside our current SIM missionaries, our SIM-related churches, and partner missions.

Guest House Coordinator

Are you a natural with people? Are you organized and willing to listen? Can you imagine using these gifts in ministry to others?
SIM Benin-Togo provides guest house facilities at both Cotonou, the largest city in the region, and Parakou, the Misson's administrative centre. These facilities cater to the accommodation and hospitality needs of SIM personnel and those of other Christian missions and organisations.

Short-Term Ministry Teams

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to work in missions? Have you considered trying it out for a short time? You can do that in Benin, supporting the ministry of the national church and/or SIM missionaries.
This is an opportunity for you to work with a team and encourage sisters and brothers in Christ spreading the Good News throughout Benin. You can even develop a programme that suits the skills and abilities of your group and the needs of the Mission and/or Church. Why not take this opportunity to see if God is nudging you into mission?

Children's Ministry Development Facilitator

Are you experienced as a facilitator of children's ministries? Do you have the gift of teaching? Working through a local church or several churches in an area, you would share a burden for children's ministry with the pastors, church leadership, and finally the congregation. Some churches may already have people who desire to reach children, yet they don't know where to begin. And, others might already be trying something, yet they need more direction, better methods, and materials. Do you think the Lord would use your gifts in this ministry?

Visiting Physicians Various Specialties at Bembereke Hospital

Are you a physician with the freedom to take time off to use your specialty to help those with severe or lingering medical needs? Bembereke Hospital in Benin has its own national physicians and a surgeon, but specialists are hard to come by. For the last number of years, a retired orthopedic surgeon from Switzerland has been visiting the hospital for a month each year. Orthopedic cases are lined up for the weeks he is there.

Primary School Teacher

Are you a primary school teacher who is up for the challenge of using your skills to help both missionaries and Beninese? The Benin field has a need for a primary or elementary teacher to teach a small group of missionary children, enabling their parents to be fully involved in their other ministries. As this would not be an "all-day" position, the teacher would also be encouraged to share in training Beninese teachers in national schools.

Children's Ministries Within Local Churches

With almost half the population of Benin under 15, SIM's partner churches are looking for missionaries to come alongside them to better develop their children's ministries. If you have experience in children's ministries and God has given you a burden for evangelizing and discipling children, these churches would love to have you join them in teaching and training their own children, evangelizing non-Christian children in the neighborhood, and, at the same time, training their own people to carry on these ministries themselves.

Laboratory Technician and Assistant

If you are a Christian lab technician, this is the perfect opportunity to experience missions in an underdeveloped country while using your training to help meet a critical need at a large hospital in rural Benin.
One of the current lab technicians would like further training. While he is away at school, you would be filling in for him, but with your training and experience, you could also provide on-the-job training for the other lab personnel as you work with them. They have some degree of training, but newer, up-to-date methods are always welcomed.

Associate Nurses (Short-Term Nurses) for Bembereke Hospital

Have you been trained as a nurse and wish you could use your skills in ministry? Well, now you can!
Bembereke Hospital is a medical facility meeting the critical human and spiritual needs of Benin, West Africa. This nursing opportunity offers the chance to observe the different departments of the hospital and participate in some of the daily nursing care. Will you let God use you here?


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