Mekelle Youth Centre

The Mekelle Youth Centre works with thousands of youth in Northern Ethiopia, providing sporting facilities and activities, computer classes, HIV/AIDs education and English classes for young people aged 8-20. The youth centre provides a neutral base to build relationship with 800-1000 young people a day as well as their families, government officials and many other community members.

ESL/ELL Teacher

Our ESL/ELL teachers work with students individually and in small groups to help build their English language skills to enable them to succeed in an English medium academic environment. Your experience and enthusiasm can make a huge difference to a child and their family.

Curriculum Coordinator

The position of Curriculum Coordinator plays a vital role in the academic life of Bingham Academy. With our graduating students going on to study at universities around the world, ensuring that the school offers relevant curriculum, academic rigour and quality Christian teaching is of primary importance.

Teacher Coach

The position of Teacher Coach plays a pivotal role in the academic life of Bingham Academy. We are looking for someone with excellent teaching pedagogy, an understanding of a variety of international curricula (especially Cambridge International Examinations), experience teaching a broad range of student ages and experience in a leadership role.

Interim Director

Bingham Academy is seeking an experienced leader to serve as Interim Director while the search for a long-term Director takes place.
The successful candidate will guide the school to achieve excellence in academic programs and Christian education and will oversee
the school community through a healthy leadership transition.

Biology Teacher

At Bingham Academy, our secondary science classes are taught by specialist teachers & are designed to build knowledge & skills that will enable students to understand & explore God's world as well as prepare for further studies at University & beyond.

Creative Arts Director

One of the main goals of a school for missionary children is to ensure that they don't miss out on opportunities to develop all their gifts and talents. Our Arts program is a vital aspect of this goal. We are looking for a Creative Arts Director who can ensure that the school offers a wide variety of academic and extra-curricular arts options for our students across the grades.

Afar - Medical Professional

Through many decades of work among the Afar people, a nomadic pastoralist Muslim group of two million, the response to the gospel has been slow and gradual. However, in the last eight to ten years, the doors of opportunity to engage the Afar have opened wider than ever before. Small fellowships meet in several pockets of the desert in Afar region. They are listening to the word of God in their own language and some are learning to read. The harvest is ripe among these camel herders in one of the hottest places on earth.

Afar - Church Planting Mobilizer/Team Leader

After many decades of work among the two million nomadic Afar people, the response to the gospel has been slow and gradual. However, in the last eight to ten years the doors of opportunity to engage the Afar have opened wider than ever before. Individuals and small fellowships in pockets of the Afar region are reading and listening to the Word of God in their own language. The harvest is ripe and the Lord is reaching the Afar people in a variety of ways, including projects focused on felt needs, creating entry points and bridges for sharing the gospel.


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