IT Specialist

Do you have technology skills and love to teach and serve alongside others in discipleship? Here is an opportunity for you to mentor Liberians, equipping them to be godly leaders. The days ahead are exciting as the new hospital and radio station will be up and functioning.
As an IT specialist, you would be very helpful in providing network management, system upgrade projects, clean up and documentation of current systems, and in linking the hospital, radio, ELWA Academy, and SIM wireless network.
Could God be calling you into this ministry?

Trinity Dental Clinic Volunteers

This is a great opportunity for a person with skills in the dental field. By providing quality dental health here at ELWA Hospital's Trinity Dental Clinic, you can minister to the whole person and be involved in building the body of Christ. You may volunteer at Trinity Dental Clinic anywhere from two weeks to two years. Practice your dental training with the team and train others while you're at it. You can have an eternal impact.

Nurse, Anesthetist, Nurse Practitioner, or Physician Assistant

As a nurse, you have a great opportunity to help bring health care back to the people of Liberia after many years of war. ELWA Hospital has served the greater Monrovia region with quality health care for 40 years. Now under Liberian management, the hospital continues to upgrade its services in spite of the years of war that have repeatedly set the nation's health care sector back. You can partner with a motivated staff of several African physicians in the emergency room, obstetric unit, surgical wards, and in outpatient and HIV counseling services.


Trinity Dental Clinic, just outside of the capital city of Monrovia, Liberia, opened its doors to patients in November of 2008. Liberia has only a handful of licensed dentists for a population of about 3.5 million.
Dental therapist Frieda Schmidt and dentist Keith Chapman are full time practitioners at the clinic, which has three treatment rooms and one alternative treatment room primarily intended for hygiene. The clinic is fully equipped with dental units, lights, suction units, supplies and materials.

ELWA Services Advisor/Trainer

One hundred thirty-seven acres, over 50 buildings, a power plant, water system and roads--all these are maintained by the ELWA Services Division where the ELWA radio, hospital, and academy carry on ministry near Liberia's capital, Monrovia. Come work alongside the Liberian management of ELWA to undergird these efforts to firmly establish the kingdom of God in this post-war nation.

Christian Radio Consultant

Are you intersted in developing Christian radio and would like to help a 50-year radio ministry find its place in 21st century Liberia? ELWA Radio can still be a major vehicle for encouraging believers and reaching those who do not yet know Jesus Christ, but there is a need to update its style to be relevant to the next generation.

Simon and Grace Stretton-Downes

Simon is a dentist and will lead a team at a clinic at the Eternal Love Winning All (ELWA) Hospital in Monrovia. Grace is a nurse and will support Simon as well as seeking God's direction for her role in the mission field. The couple are sent by St Gregory's Church, Crakehall, north Yorkshire.

If you would like to pray regularly for Simon and Grace, please click here.

Please pray

  • For good preparations as the couple prepare to go to Liberia in February, 2017


Team's Vision
We see a growing Liberian church, true to the Scriptures, relying on God, discipling believers to maturity in Christ, being empowered by the Spirit; self-governing, self-supporting, and self-propagating; pursuing God's missionary vision for the unsaved and unreached people of Liberia and the world.
We see Eternal Love Winning Africa (ELWA) Ministries being nationalised, working with Liberian churches, self-directed, proclaiming the gospel, teaching biblical truth, upholding Christian moral standards and ministering to human need.


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