Church Planting Support

The Yawo people of Malawi, Mozambique and Tanzania are a predominantly M* people group numbering 2.5 million. They are largely unreached with just a few believers. We have missionaries on the "front lines" in rural areas doing church planting.
Your role would be to assist them with practical issues, maintain local administration, run local guest houses, and assist and care for Associate missionaries. Would God be calling you to this ministry of support?

Pioneer Church Planting

SIM Malawi would like to evangelize and plant churches among the rural Yawo people, a largely unreached people group with just a few believers. This will require an acceptance of a simple lifestyle and living closely to local rural populations near their villages.

Member Care Coordinator

Has God called you to pastoral or counseling ministry? If our missionary personnel are not well taken care of, their effectiveness in ministry is diminished. SIM Malawi has chosen to emphasize the development of missionaries as one of our areas of strategic priority. A Member Care Coordinator fulfills a key role in caring for the well-being and development of the team by visiting missionaries regularly, praying for them, providing pastoral care, and mentoring them for spiritual and personal growth.

Research Nurse

Are you a nurse with an analytical mind? Would you let God use that gift in missions? There is an opportunity right here in Malawi.
Data management and program evaluation are important aspects of quality care. Since antiretroviral therapy provision in resource-limited settings is a recent development, there are still many unanswered questions about optimal diagnosis and management of HIV/AIDS patients.

Laboratory Technician

Malawi is being devastated by the HIV/AIDS epidemic. Nearly 16% of adults is infected with the HIV virus; in the cities the rates are 25-40%. In its wake, the epidemic has orphaned over 400,000 children. The epidemic offers tremendous opportunities for the Gospel.


The AIDS crisis is one of SIM Malawi's priorities for the field strategy. This epidemic offers tremendous opportunities for the Gospel.


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