James and Deborah Knight

James and Deborah serve at Serving In Mission's Galmi Hospital, Niger, where Deborah is an occupational therapist and James, who is sent and supported by Open Door Baptist Church, Peterborough, is a teacher. The couple met at Galmi and were married in 2016. They enjoy sharing their faith through their work.

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Jonathan and Elaine Burt

Jonathan and Elaine have a huge heart to take the gospel to Muslim people in a remote part of Niger nad have been working overseas for more than 30 years. Sent by Storrington Community Church, West Sussex, they are translating more than 100 Bible lessons into Hausa and are involved in radio ministry. They also work with local evangelists to help spread the gospel.

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Samuel Boadi

Samuel is a doctor and bio-medical scientist, who worked short-term in Galmi Hospital, Niger. He is supported by Gracemead Church, Hatfield. Samuel is helping the laboratory technicians at the Serving In Mission hospital diagnose malaria more effectively. Samuel is considering where God is leading him in mission and the possibility of returning to Africa.

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Galmi Hospital, Niger

Our Serving In Mission team in Niger, have a vision to rebuild Galmi Hospital to provide a centre of medical excellence, training and discipleship to serve the people of Niger.

Thanks to the Lord’s provision, new surgical and obstetrics wards have already been completed, however construction has now been put on hold due to lack of financial resources.

A very generous donor has agreed to match every penny that is raised to a sum of £54,350. With God’s blessing and your support construction to rebuild the hospital can begin again.

Niger Attacks Relief

Recent attacks against Christian churches and homes of believers in cities across Niger (Saturday and Sunday, 17-18 January) have left a wake of destruction, pain, and fear. These events have resulted in the deaths of 10 Nigeriens (not Christians), millions of pounds in damaged property, and a community stunned at this unexpected wave of violence. Christians are currently wrestling with the trauma of this loss and some even left without homes and basic necessities.


Ministry Vision
By faith, we see a church holy and mature in Christ, transforming Nigerien society and beyond.

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