Are you serious about missionary involvement, but still need to finish university or professional training, pay off loans, or fulfill other requirements to become a long-term missionary? An internship program can give you exposure to missions, provide cultural orientation, and teach you about ministry, contributing to your preparation for missions. You would work directly with a more experienced missionary in a mentoring relationship and be involved daily with the missionaries in their tasks.

Community Development Worker for Fulani

If you know community development techniques such as farming and health, this is a wonderful opportunity to transfer your God-given skills into church planting! So what is the connection?
Doing community development in this thirsty desert land gives you a foundation for making friendships and identifying potential local believers. Imagine the impact you could have in this part of the world by letting God use your special skills!

Elementary Education Teachers, Galmi

Are you a teacher looking for a way to use your God-given gifts in ministry? Look no further! The Galmi day school is ready for you.
The purpose of Galmi Hospital is to glorify the name of Jesus Christ by demonstrating the love of God, offering physical and spiritual healing, proclaiming the Gospel, and making disciples. Consider how God may call you to use you and your skills to support the Galmi team. Your role contributes to the work of the hospital by providing an education for the children of missionary staff serving there.


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