ESL Teacher, ECWA Theological Seminary, Kagoro

This position provides an ESL teacher the opportunity to serve God in sharing ECWA's (our partner church) and SIM's shared vision of glorifying God through training leaders, evangelism and discipleship. Kagoro is a small but beautiful town at the foothills of the Jos Plateau. ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro is one of SIM's oldest schools that is now ECWA but SIM missionaries still are welcomed and have active teaching and administrative responsibilities. Until recently it was Kagoro Bible College.

ESL Teacher for Widows--City Ministries ECWA/EMS

Widows in Nigeria are many and often neglected without needed skills or means to provide for themselves and their children.
This position provides an ESL teacher the opportunity to be used by God in sharing ECWA's and SIM's shared vision of glorifying God through evangelism and discipleship and giving widows a better chance to care for their needs and better able to make a positive contribution to their society.

Seminary Lecturers

Did you know that you, personally, can have a tremendous impact on the lives of millions of Nigerians through training their pastors, teachers, and missionaries, and developing a youth work programme? You will have an immediate effect on your students, and through them, on ordinary Christians right across the country; indeed, across the continent.
It isn't just lecturing in academic subjects. It also includes one-on-one mentoring and discipleship groups, as well as sponsoring and directing evangelism and church planting groups.

Training Opportunities for Ministry

Kano is a key gateway city to northern Nigeria. You would have a great opportunity to work alongside the Evangelical Church of West Africa (ECWA) leaders and lay people. You would train, encourage, stimulate learning, develop creative outreaches, and support the Christians in Kano city and state. In addition to friendship-building, you could be active in children's work, Christian education, youth sports ministry, HIV/AIDS counseling, urban ministry, women's literacy, adult theological education, media outreach, training and encouragement of national missionaries, and health education.

Agricultural Skills Trainer for SYRA (Skills for Youth in Rural Areas)

If you are trained in agriculture and animal husbandry, you have an opportunity to reach youth right alongside the education, urban, and camping programs already in progress here in Nigeria. We are looking for someone who can work alongside Nigerians to develop a sustainable agricultural skill program which includes a strong discipleship component, writing training materials and resources, and helping to train youth in these skills.

Lecturer in Christian Counseling and Psychology at Seminary in Nigeria

How would you like to play an important role in the preparation of men and women for ministry in Nigeria through ECWA Theological Seminary Kagoro (ETSK)? A place is available for someone to teach a wide range of Christian Counseling courses in the MA program in Biblical Counseling and Psychology. Ethnic (tribal), religious and political conflict, resultant trauma, and loss of life and property are realities in Nigeria's current context. The ability to equip Christian workers to counsel trauma victims would be an advantage.


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