South Sudan

Pastoral Care Coordinator

Would you provide confidential, trained, pastoral care for our team? In a country where evacuations are common and crises normal, having a capacity for skilled debriefs and effective follow-up is very important. You would also be a safe place to discuss the everyday stresses of life and deal with problems early on and in a healthy way. You would support our goal of having effective, thriving missionaries witnessing of Christ's love in South Sudan!

Physician Assistant

Your professional medical skills are needed in South Sudan. The health needs of Sudan's people are tremendous, and resources are minimal. Maternal mortality is the highest in the world; the heavy burden of infant and pediatric disease is barely touched.

Base Administrator and Programs Manager

Has God gifted you with leadership and management skills? Are you a people person? He may be leading you to our field!
The Sudan field has many operations running concurrently. There is an important need to normalize all of our operations with respect to the community and government entities. The Base Administrator position is key in organizing the many projects that operate in a given location. It is also an opportunity to give a clear face to SIM in the field.

Assistant Health Program Manager

Do you thrive on challenge? Do you have a vision for providing health management in the most needy and hard-to-reach communities? Do you have a heart to share Jesus' love with those who have never heard? Do you have leadership and administrative gifts? Are you flexible and willing to live where the peace is fragile? If this is you, then pray about joining our Health Project Team as Assistant Health Program Manager and know the joy of serving in the place Jesus has prepared for you.

Personnel Coordinator

The South Sudan team needs a Personnel Coordinator from mid-2015. The current instabilities are opening up many opportunities with unreached people groups, and we want to see our team grow. Would you come to mobilise and support our team to thrive in the hard places where Gospel seeds are planted? Please pray about whether this could be you!

Nutrition Village Assistant

As part of the Doro Primary Health Care Centre, the Nutrition Village fulfills SIM's strategy to rebuild Sudan, church and nation, by providing urgently-needed health care for the people of this war-torn nation. Specifically, infant and child malnutrition is a huge problem affecting the Mabaan people. Infant mortality is greater than 130 per 1000 population. Crisis treatment as well as support and education are a critical need.

Chronological Bible Teachers in South Sudan

Help develop a biblical worldview by sharing the chronological stories of the Bible that Sudanese can then go out and teach themselves. Seventy-five percent of Southern Sudanese are not literate, even in their mother tongue. Important Bible teaching materials from the rest of the world often assume people can read and write. Therefore, storytelling in a chronological way presents the whole truth of the Scripture in the way oral people think--narration of stories. Work alongside a 30-year veteran missionary to learn your trade!

Literacy Trainer

The adult literacy rate in South Sudan is one of the lowest in the world. You can help to rebuild this shattered society by training people from different language groups to write and produce literacy materials. We see literacy training as a vital part of our overall goals in South Sudan, and it is a wonderful entry strategy into the community for anyone with a heart for discipleship.


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