Geoff and Rosaliene Donaldson and Lisanne

Geoff and Rosaliene are serving in Zimbabwe, where Geoff is involved in discipleship and leadership training and Rosaliene is a community development worker. Sent by Hope Church, Hillsborough, they long to share their gospel heart with people who have never heard of Jesus and with those who have recently made a commitment to Christ.

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Please pray

  • For the wisdom in where best to invest time

Walter and Ella Madimutsa

Watler and Ella are part of a small Serving In Mission team in Zimbabwe. Walter is trying to galvanise the southern African church to send out mission workers and both he and Ella run a Christian nursery school. Sent by John White Memorial Congregational Church, Belfast, they long to see more Africans mobilised into mission work.

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Ministry Vision
By the grace of God, through partnership with like-minded organisations, we envision SIM Zimbabwe bringing increase to the national church with an emphasis on children and youth by:

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