Church Planter, Agriculturalist

If you have a background in farming or in agricultural studies, you are needed in rural Paraguay to work among the subsistence farmers in development and community services. Your expertise and/or experience will help build relationships that will allow you to share your faith and disciple new converts into fellowships that will grow into a rural church.

Church Planter, Primary Health Care

Your nursing, paramedical, or primary health care training could be the vital link to bringing the Gospel to the rural areas of Paraguay. The subsistence farmers of the region do have access to rudimentary health care but of such a poor standard that many people suffer and children die unnecessarily. Your ministry would not just help their medical needs through primary health care training. It would also open the doors for you to share your faith and disciple new believers into fellowships that will one day form a rural church.

Guest House Manager

SIM Paraguay is committed to caring for their missionaries! Serving in the rural countryside, team members inevitably need to come to the Guest House in the capital city of Asuncion to take care of business and personal needs. It is of utmost importance that the Guest House be a place of refuge where missionaries can relax and comfortably carry out their responsibilities in a clean, safe, and well managed environment. The ministry of a Guest House Manager will directily impact SIM Paraguay's overall ministry enabling their missionaries to more effectively serve!

HIV and AIDS Ministry Assistant Coordinator

Are you touched by the suffering of those dealing with HIV and AIDS issues? Now you can do something!
It seems that much of the world has moved on and forgotten about HIV, but for those in Paraguay living with it, life is a daily struggle. SIM Paraguay desires to show God's love to them through practical ministies of care and by presenting the Gospel of salvation through Christ alone to these people.


Ministry Vision
We want to see

  • Many thousands of Paraguayans coming to faith in Christ, and growing to become mature Christians
  • A grassroots church planting movement in Paraguay’s interior, through the witness of Paraguayan believers.
  • A Paraguayan missions movement as a partner with us to send missionaries throughout the world

Our Ministries

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