'People of prayer' and 'Dependent on God' – those are two of Serving In Mission’s core values and we are hugely thankful for all your prayers. See below for seven days' worth of prayer. If you would like to become a prayer partner for a particular missionary click here. To sign up for our regular weekly prayer update click here or fill in the form at the bottom of this page.

26 May
Pray for staff at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi

Staff at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi are interviewing prospective candidates for the new term's intake tomorrow. Please pray for wisdom for those interviewing. Pray for the final year students as they complete their studies and graduate on June 30.

27 May
Pray for Muslims at the start of Ramadan

Today is the start of Ramadan, the month of fasting in the Muslim world. As neighbours and friends of our mission workers fast, pray with them.

28 May
Please pray for the health of our workers in central Asia

Please pray for the health of our workers serving in central Asia, where the pollution levels are very high. This can prevent believers meeting together. Please pray that, even when they cannot meet, new Christians will remain faithful in reading God's word and learning more about him.

29 May
Praise God for scripture recordings in Tamajaq

Praise God for new recordings of scripture being made available to the Tamajaq people of Niger. As more material is released, please pray hearts and minds would be softened to the gospel message. Please pray for protection over workers and new believers.

30 May
Pray Sorani Kurdish Bibles have a huge impact

A shipment of Kurdish Bibles is due to arrive and be delivered to Iraqi Kurdistan today. Please pray for trouble-free transport. Pray too that as these Bibles are made available and more are able to read scripture in their mother tongue, the truth of the gospel will set people free.

31 May
Please pray for rain in the Western Cape

The Western Cape region of South Africa, is suffering severe drought. Please pray that substantial rain will come to this area soon.

1 Jun
Pray our workers will have visas approved

Please pray with mission workers awaiting visa approval for south Asia and Madagascar. Pray that visa applications will be looked upon favourably and that they will be granted without issue so essential gospel work may continue.