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20 Oct
Pray for Christians in Germany

In 2016, Germany had the largest asylum-seeking population. As the nation is put under increasing pressure, attitudes towards refugees and migrants become hostile, but the church is looking to counteract this. Pray for the German church as it unites to welcome refugees and build bridges.

21 Oct
Pray for people attending Care Refugee Centre in Thessalonica

Christians in Thessalonica, Greece, have pooled resources to open Care Refugee Centre in the heart of the city. Pray that the Lord would soften the hearts of those attending the centre to the truths that are shared with them.

22 Oct
Pray for the church in the Middle East

The Middle East hosts the largest number of refugees. Give thanks for the response of the church in the Middle East in welcoming refugees and migrants. Pray that God would strengthen the partnerships that have formed and continue to bless established ministries.

23 Oct
Pray for an education centre in the Middle East

An education centre is providing a solid education for 50 refugee children (aged 5-12) teaching English, Arabic and maths. Give thanks for the opportunity staff have to share the gospel message with these refugee children and their families.

24 Oct
Pray for Christians in the UK

In 2015, the UK proposed to resettle 20,000 Syrians in need of protection by 2020. Pray for a spirit of boldness among Christians in the UK church to proclaim the good news of salvation in Christ Jesus to people of other cultures.

25 Oct
Pray for UK project 2:19

Give thanks for the ministry of SIM project 2:19 as they help the UK church reach out to their multi-cultural communities by establishing ministries such as English language teaching, Bible studies and international cafes. Pray as those attending hear and respond the gospel message.

26 Oct
Pray for peace and stability

Having fled hardship and persecution, but found little comfort, many refugees and migrants long for a return to life as it was before. Join us today in praying boldly for peace and stability around the globe.