Christian Worldview Teacher Training, Benin

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Christian worldview teacher training helps teachers understand that this world belongs to King Jesus.

Teachers learn that each child in his or her classroom has been made in God’s image and for His glory and that one day each one will bow the knee to the King.

Christian Worldview Teacher Training hold a series of three two-week long seminars spread over three years. In the first, teachers study the Bible’s storyline and begin to understand biblical worldview. In the second and third they wrestle with making everyday classroom decisions in the light of God’s Word. Lesson content and delivery, classroom management and relationships all come under scrutiny.

Throughout the school year localised workshops bring together Christian teachers working in government schools and private schools, Christian or otherwise, and provide further opportunity to study what it means to be a Christian teacher.

Shorter localised training workshops and follow-up visits in the teachers’ classrooms are also provided and greatly appreciated. There is also a resource centre where teachers may borrow books for personal study and classroom resources to enrich their lessons.

Linda Hunt