English Language Ministries

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What is the English language ministries project?

Bridge School of English uses Christian teachers to provide excellent English language lessons to adults who influence society, both Ethiopian and expatriate in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. There is a big demand amongst this group to improve their English. Some are evangelicals, but most are Orthodox or Muslim.

English Language Ministries (ELM) is the Serving In Mission project which provides opportunity for the Bridge school to impact the lives of their students with the gospel.  ELM run a social program, an 'English Cafe' and Bible studies.  As an example, following an English lesson where the environment and pollution were studied, an optional Bible study was run called 'Getting clean from spiritual pollution'. Sixteen students attended.

How will my money help?

Money donated to this project will:

  • Run the social program and English Café at the Bridge school where relationships are built and there are opportunities to share and witness.

  • Run Bible studies and discipleship groups.

  • Provide scholarships for the English classes to fund students who are seen by the team as individuals of future influence in society.

Please pray:

That relationships with students will grow so that they are confident to attend the socials, the Café and the Bible studies.
That the leaders will have wisdom in how best to engage the students and encourage them to ask deeper questions.
That through this ministry, people of influence in Ethiopian society will come to know Jesus.

Linda Hunt