Hannah’s gospel heart for Lebanese children

Hannah knows only too well the huge need for the gospel in the Middle East.

She is spending her gap year working in Lebanon, ministering to around 50 Syrian refugee children through music and English teaching at an education centre.

Hannah, who is due to study medicine at a UK university next year, has seen first-hand how the refugees are being cared for through the project, which was set up by a Lebanese charitable society formed by five local churches.

She explained: “I’m the music teacher at the centre, so I have all of them for 25 minutes a day and also do several reading lessons with them. I help run a youth group for those aged 11 and over at church, as well as help out with Sunday school and playing the piano.

“The rest of my time is spent visiting people and trying to build relationships, particularly with a Syrian girl who helps at our centre. I also do Bible studies with two single women from church — one a migrant worker from Africa, the other Lebanese — and I hope to start one with a younger girl from our church youth group.”

There are few refugee camps in Lebanon, where the policy has been to disperse the new arrivals across the country. Indeed, across the whole Middle East only around 10 per cent of refugees are in camps.

Hannah is working alongside a couple who were once the only foreign missionaries in the area.

She is very open to God’s leading as she thinks and prays about her future. She admits her time in Lebanon has made a huge impact.

She said: “I had never imagined myself in the Middle East but the more I thought about it, the more this part of the world intrigued me.

“I really love my work here and just keep on feeling I’m in the right place — where God wants me as he keeps on opening doors. He keeps teaching me new things as I mix with people in very different situations to the people I interact with at home.

“I couldn’t say definitely where God will take me next but this year has made me want to do mission longer term in the future and I wouldn’t be surprised if I did end up in the Middle East again.

“At several points this year I’ve wanted to scrap my plans for uni and just stay here to work more on learning the language but I know God helped me get into medicine and he will then open the door for where I go when his time is right.”

Please pray

  • That Hannah would be open to God’s leading as she works out her future plans.
  • For Christians in Lebanon to be well-supported and well-discipled.
  • For more workers to be raised up to serve in Lebanon and the Middle East.
Photo: UK Department for International Development  https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-nd/2.0