Serving In Mission plans move to new UK headquarters

Serving In Mission plans move to new UK headquarters

Serving In Mission (SIM UK) has a strategic vision: to serve and partner with the UK evangelical church in sending and receiving gospel workers equipped for cross-cultural mission, wherever people live and die without hearing God’s good news.

For the past two years, our Board has been praying through and discussing our ability to serve the church from our current HQ location. They have been led to conclude that a move is necessary for SIM UK to be positioned to serve the full diversity of the church, across cultures, ages and up-bringing.

As we do this, the vision drives our thinking. We long to see many more people reached with the good news of Jesus Christ, and to play a full part in enabling and catalysing the crossing of barriers to accomplish this. We have been blessed in the past few years in seeing increasing numbers of members being sent long-term by the UK church through SIM, with a 45 per cent increase since January, 2014. Praise God!

Our identity and character as a 21st century mission agency will need to evolve as we develop new services and relationships, and grow our current excellent team. Proximity to areas of multi-cultural population, in terms of ethnicity, class and age, is seen as necessary in developing this identity. A subsidiary goal is to be better placed with relation to the UK road and rail network and international airports, leading to easier travel to/from the HQ for our members, supporters, church contacts and colleagues abroad. We are open to partnership and possible co-location with like-minded organisations.

As we go about this move, a firm decision has been taken to sell our current UK headquarters at Wetheringsett Manor in Suffolk. This is a large manor in 17 acres of grounds. As you read this, do you know of potential buyers or other uses for such a facility? Do get in touch.

In terms of future location, a working group is now assessing possibilities, praying for our Lord’s guidance and discernment, and talking to all those with potential opportunity. Again, do you know of potential opportunities for a new location or partnership?

We would ask more than anything else that you join us in prayer. As our Father has guided us so far, we pray for his provision and guidance going forwards. Please do also pray for our staff team at this time, as we work out together what this means for us.

For more information, or if you can help answer the questions above, please contact Tim McMahon, Strategic Development Director (

Tim Allan