Serving In Mission UK will be moving to Stratford, East London

Serving In Mission UK will be moving to Stratford, East London

Serving In Mission UK’s board of trustees has decided our headquarters should move from Wetheringsett Manor, Suffolk to the Stratford area of East London.

The decision was made at a board meeting on October 3 and the more detailed work of planning the move will now begin. We hope it can be completed within two years.

The aim is to create a cross-cultural world mission hub, which may involve co-locating with another agency which shares our core gospel convictions. We want to base ourselves in a multi-cultural area which is more easily accessible from all parts of the United Kingdom than Wetheringsett.

The board looked closely at the financial feasibility of moving to the Stratford area and the move to purchase a property there is dependent on the sale of our current headquarters, Wetheringsett Manor. Of course, God may provide in other ways, and we may move into rented offices in the Stratford area in the interim.

There are clearly implications for our current staff and the board is very well aware of those. We will work through possible solutions with all members of staff to ensure as many of them as possible come with us to Stratford.

For many years, Wetheringsett has been home to an annual summer bible camp for young people. The board is very keen to do all it can to help the ministry of Wetheringsett Camp continue and flourish in to the future.

If you have any questions or suggestions regarding the move email communications manager Tim Allan (

Give thanks for

  • the gospel that drives our purpose as an organisation

  • the work and wisdom that has gone into this decision


  • that the sale process for Wetheringsett Manor goes through rapidly

  • all staff helped with the decisions that are to be taken in due course

  • for peace with the decision and for God to keep us on the right track

  • Wetheringsett Camp to continue and flourish into the future

  • That we remain dependent on God and united in our shared purpose

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Tim Allan