Vulnerable girls in Nigeria need your help

Vulnerable girls in Nigeria need your help

Teenage orphaned girls in Nigeria face tough battles early in life but a new Serving In Mission project has been set up to help them.

A transition house and vocational training centre will be built for the girls on land bought by City Ministries, which has helped orphans and vulnerable children in Nigeria for 20 years.

In a country racked by terrorism, religious fighting, corruption and poverty, the new centre will house and train about 50 girls, teaching them vital life and employment skills.

Serving In Mission worker Nicky Brand, who has been with City Ministries for 11 years, is now helping raise funds for the building, which will cost around £100,000.

Nicky, sent by Gateway Baptist Church, Burgess Hill and supported by many other churches, explained: “We aim to build a safe, loving home where these girls can grow, learn and be equipped to lead independent lives. 

“Education is not enough. We must equip the girls with vocational skills so they can earn money to provide for their future families. 

“We want to build training workshops for computing, sewing, baking, catering and hair and beauty, and a classroom where those who need schooling can be taught. 

“We  will also learn how to farm and grow our own food and sustain the centre in this our ‘promised land’.

“It is to these girls that God has called me, to mother them, to train them, to disciple them, to love them and build them up to go back into their communities to make a difference for the Lord. 

“Each life rescued is a testimony to the transforming power of the gospel.”

Nicky and the team hope to start building work in January, 2017.  To make a donation please go to, quoting project NG 96902 or complete the form at the back of this magazine. 

For prayer information, or if you want to help with the building work, email Linda Hunt (

Tim Allan