Intercultural Mission Workshops

Starting on Tuesday, March 9, SIM UK is offering intercultural mission training to help equip churches, Christian organisations, or ministry networks in effectively reaching people across cultures with the good news of Jesus.

The training is delivered over 4 full mornings spaced between early-March to late-June 2021. The spread-out nature of the training will allow time for participants to implement change in their church, organisation or network during the training.

The training is led by live presenters, with group interaction over the 4 morning sessions.

There are 5 strands of sessions:
• Biblical & cultural basis for church-based intercultural mission.
• Culture & your church, organisation or network.
• Case Studies and managing transitions.
• Change principles & practice – implementing change in your church, organisation or network.
• Change principles.

By the end of the training, each participant should be well underway to lead change in their church, organisation or network. They will:
• have identified the people group(s) in their locality that their church, organisation or network is seeking to reach,
• have done some planning for cross-cultural ministry programmes and/or groups,
• be starting to see some engagement cross-culturally by church, organisation or network members, and,
• be seeing the beginnings of an intercultural ‘vibe’ developing in their church, organisation or network.

There is an admin fee of £10 per attendee, payable here. Please select you would like the donation to be used ‘to help a particular ministry’ and enter ‘Intercultural Mission Workshop 2021.’ Thank you!

Tim McMahon, Mission Trainer for the mission agency Serving In Mission UK, explains more about the ICM workshops
Insur Shamgunov – Change Management consultant, currently working in the corporate sector and with Christian organisations in the Russian-speaking world

We look forward to you joining us! If you have any questions, please email us at