Church leadership development

The Nepali church is looking for mature men and women and families that can serve as role models for Christian life, as well as Christian teaching.

SIM partners with others to work with Nepali churches across denominations in the areas of discipleship, mentoring, and mission outreach; for example, to the Tibetan people in Nepal. We envision this role of Bible teaching and discipleship for rural pastors in a non-academic setting.

We hope to find people who are passionate about Jesus and have a calling for Nepal. SIM does not work independently, but seeks to come alongside the church; in order to do that, we don’t hand out “missionary visas.” Instead, you must find an appropriate work visa that will give a platform for living in the country (after the first two years of language learning).

There are opportunities to work on this ministry through the "Send" pathway.

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Long-term placements for pioneering mission workers to share the Gospel
  • Over 2 years
  • Overseas
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