COVID-19 Immediate Response

​The suffering and uncertainty of the COVID-19 pandemic spans the globe, and under-resourced areas are at risk of a catastrophic outbreak. But SIM is now raising funds to provide vital equipment and training to hospitals in Africa, Asia and South America.

SIM’s COVID-19 Health Ministry Immediate Response project will ensure immediate assistance gets to the frontlines. This may mean supplying funds directly, arranging the supply of life-saving equipment or helping train local workers how to triage and treat patients.

In a survey of SIM’s global medical ministries, the most pressing need is for personal protective equipment (PPE) for staff working with suspected COVID-19 patients.

The project will provide immediate, measured assistance to the global SIM medical-ministry network to aid in the treatment and care for those with severe cases of COVID-19.  In each of the global medical ministries, this project will also support and assist the vital, existing healthcare services that are distressed in this time of a global pandemic.


  • Vital existing healthcare services across 21 countries
  • Acquisition of medical supplies and equipment for under-resourced facilities
    • Ventilators / tents / soap / masks / gloves / gowns…
  • Medical staff wages for overtime
  • Training workshops for the staff, leaders and communities across these countries

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