Bring the hope of Christ to those suffering from illness and HIV/AIDS. This ministry visits the sick in their homes, sharing encouragement from the scripture and providing practical assistance by helping with household chores, distributing soap, vitamins and other basic assistance items.

There are plenty of projects within this ministry. Community development projects could include basic construction of buildings, repairs to widows’ homes in the community and projects at the local school. HIV/AIDS prevention and education could be taught in the local school. Medical skills could be given to the community through the local clinic which currently lacks trained staff.

There are opportunities to work on this ministry through the "Explore" or "Immerse" or "Send" pathway.

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A short-term placement (2 weeks - 2 years) to help you find out how God wants to use you in global mission!
  • A few weeks
  • Overseas
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A one-to-one internship alongside an experienced cross-cultural worker
  • A year or two
  • Overseas
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Long-term placements for pioneering mission workers to share the Gospel
  • Over 2 years
  • Overseas
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