Hospitality and station member care

Our village has several SIM ministries including a centre for people with special needs, a separate medical centre, and a community development project. These ministries attract teams and short-term missionaries from around the world.

As there are usually several different SIM teams and families here, it is also a popular place to visit for other mission workers in-country. In order for the ministries to function effectively and continue to grow, we need you to help host and support all the workers and visitors who come to us.

This is an important ministry for serving our local workers and helping run Orientations for new mission workers. Anyone who enjoys organising hospitality – sometimes at short notice! – and ensuring that everyone has a place to sleep and something to eat can be involved.

There are opportunities to work on this ministry through the "Explore" or "Immerse" or "Send" pathway.

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A short-term placement (2 weeks - 2 years) to help you find out how God wants to use you in global mission!
  • A few weeks
  • Overseas
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A one-to-one internship alongside an experienced cross-cultural worker
  • A year or two
  • Overseas
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Long-term placements for pioneering mission workers to share the Gospel
  • Over 2 years
  • Overseas
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