Ministry to human trafficking victims

Countless girls and young women are exploited in the sex trade across North America. SIM Canada envisions that the number of youth facing exploitation and human trafficking in the sex trade will decline when local churches provide community leadership, healing environments and social supports that promote spiritual, physical and mental health for vulnerable young people.

This ministry will work directly with exploited young women and churches in the Greater Toronto Area, building capacity for spiritual care and community support for this group. Applicants should have related experience and/or education. Additional training will be provided.

There are opportunities to work on this ministry through the "Immerse" or "Send" pathway.

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A one-to-one internship alongside an experienced cross-cultural worker
  • A year or two
  • Overseas
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Long-term placements for pioneering mission workers to share the Gospel
  • Over 2 years
  • Overseas
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