Quechua Radio

Mosoj Chaski produces Bible based radio programs for all ages which are broadcast eight hours a day to rural Quechua people who live in isolated communities in the Andean mountains. During seventeen years of ministry many lives have been touched. People have come to faith in Christ, they have been built up in their faith, encouraged to persevere in their faith, and have been given the skills and resources to study the Bible themselves through the literature that this project produces.


Recently, an elderly couple and their adult daughter came to visit us.  They live ten hours away from our offices.  Their children became Christians through listening to the radio and later the parents also became believers.   Ever since they have been faithful listeners of Mosoj Chaski.  When their daughter told them that she was visiting Cochabamba for her denominations ladies conference and if they wanted they could go with her and visit Mosoj Chaski, they jumped at the opportunity. The mother told us If this radio had not been on the air, we would not have become believers.  The radio is our only source of teaching and encouragement.  For five years we have longed to visit you.  Today, it has been such a joy to meet you and spend time with you.   

Please pray

  • for the team of three program producers that the Lord would give them creativity and wisdom as they write.
  • for wisdom as they explore using new technology i.e. listening to the radio via smartphone and podcasts.
  • Praise God for all those that hear the gospel through this project, repent and believe. Pray they receive the discipleship they need.