two:nineteen, UK

two:nineteen provide training and resources to help churches and individuals effectively reach out to the growing multi-cultural communities around them.

David and Maura Baldwin returned to Reading in 2007 having served with SIM in East Africa. It wasn’t long before they realised that in their neighbouring streets you could find over 150 different languages spoken. Many churches are finding themselves in growing multicultural communities. Members may have a burden to reach out to those around them but dont know where to start.

This ministry works with local churches in the UK to reach out to the increasingly multi-cultural communities around them. They provide workshops and training to help those wishing to minister cross culturally breaking down barriers to sharing the gospel. two:nineteen has also pioneered a successful model for running an English language school within churches

“Today I got off the train in Reading and walked home along the Oxford Road. As I left the station I walked past a Nepali man in his electric wheelchair, followed at an appropriate distance by his wife. Passing through the taxi rank I scanned the long line of taxi drivers, dozens of east Asian and west African drivers. Onto the Oxford road I counted six or seven Polish Deils, a Jamaican food-store, a Turkish grocery shop, several Halal meat outlets, a Portuguese café, and for most of my thirty minute walk I hardly heard English spoken at all. One of the most attractive things about living in Reading, for us, is the hugely multicultural community we are part of.”

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