Youth Outreach – Te Ora Hou Te Tairawhiti

Children and Youth

Te Ora Hou is a network of faith-based youth and community development organisations working with young people in New Zealand. They find inspiration in the life-changing power that faith in Christ has brought to people throughout history.

In this role, you would develop and sustain quality relationships with young people demonstrating the Good News of Jesus and sharing the hope found in the Christian faith. You would provide pastoral care and spiritual guidance to the young people and help run the weekly Skate Church at Alfred Cox Skate Park.

You would network with churches and their youth groups, provide well researched devotionals based on Scripture, and work with local churches to engage them in cross-cultural mission with Maori and encourage them to participate in overseas mission.

There are opportunities to work on this ministry through the "Immerse" or "Send" pathway.

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A one-to-one internship alongside an experienced cross-cultural worker
  • A year or two
  • Overseas
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Long-term placements for pioneering mission workers to share the Gospel
  • Over 2 years
  • Overseas
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