East Africa

Ministries and opportunities in East Africa

Faithful Witness – Chad

A team of workers are sharing the gospel with communities in Chad, a community where there are no churches in the local languages.

  • Skills needed: Administration, Bible teaching and theology, Children's and youth ministry, Communications and Media, Community education, Engineering and technical, Medical, Teaching, Translation and literacy
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Sports Friends

Sports Friends is a ministry which reaches out using the universal language of sport. It attracts young people and creates an environment for relationship building which leads to opportunities to share the love and word of God.

  • Skills needed: Children's and youth ministry, Communications and Media
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Mekelle Youth Centre

MYC provides services and activities for thousands of young people and sees over 700 people come daily to the centre.

  • Skills needed: Administration, Arts, Children's and youth ministry, Medical, Teaching
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Drought and Disaster Mitigation

The drought and disaster mitigation project works in Kenya to develop and mentor community health extension workers in remote regions.

  • Skills needed: Bible teaching and theology, Community education, Medical, Translation and literacy
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Medical Professional

We need medical staff to help us reach out to a nomadic tribe in east Africa

  • Over 2 years
  • Skills needed: Community education, Medical
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