Jonathan and Elaine Burt

Jonathan and Elaine have a huge heart to take the gospel to Muslim people in a remote part of Niger and have been working overseas for more than 30 years. Sent by Storrington Community Church, West Sussex, they are translating more than 100 Bible lessons into Hausa and are involved in radio ministry. They also work with local evangelists to help spread the gospel.

If you would like to pray regularly for Jonathan and Elaine please click here.

Please pray:

  • That God would bless Jonathan and Elaine’s radio ministry, providing the resources to allow 100 bible lessons in Hausa to be recorded and broadcasted quickly.

  • For courage for those whose eyes are opened through hearing the truth of the gospel, to take a step of faith.

  • For the evangelists that live amongst the Hausa people, that God would bless them in forming friendships and speaking out for Christ.

  • For those that are learning through Read and Live literacy classes. Pray that God would continue to open their eyes to the truth of the gospel as they learn.

  • For protection for Jonathan and Elaine as they follow the call of the Lord to do this pioneering work in an environment of opposition.

  • That the Lord would provide for all their needs practically at the moment — a car to replace one that is very old so that they are able to travel to see those they disciple.