Nathan Lawrence

Nathan is a medical doctor from Oxfordshire, UK. Inspired by God’s heart for the lost (2 Peter 3:9) and poor (James 2:16), he was drawn to the work of the Good News Hospital in Mandritsara in Madagascar. Nathan is often found on the medical ward, frequently writing up another round of malaria treatment.

If you would like to pray regularly for Nathan please click here.

Please pray:

  • By nature/training I tend to prioritise efficiency/seeing lots of patients quickly. Please pray for the Spirit’s help in identifying the patients where I need to slow down and love them by listening a bit more; engaging with the complexities of their lives; and particularly seeing those where there might be an opportunity to share the gospel
  • Please pray for improvements in my Malagasy/Tsimihety (the local dialect) to allow me to have more of those deep/complicated conversations directly. Thank God for the translators who do such a good job of covering the gaps in my vocabulary!