Ordering Prayer Cards

Important note: Please be patient with us during this time – we are short staffed and therefore it may take longer to get these printed and cut for you.

To order your SIM UK prayer cards from the office, please fill out the form below. Op 1 is 100 cards or fewer; op 2 is for more than 100 cards.

Option1: Up to 100 cards

New workers receive 100 free single-sided prayer cards, otherwise they are 10p each. Do check the information carefully – this is what will be put into the templates shown below and printed for you. (To make your own, jump here)

We endeavour to print and post the cards back to you in 15 days of submitting this form, and will send you the PDF version to keep.

Option 2: More than 100 cards

We will order them from a local printing shop in Cambridge.

Cost: This will be charged to your member account. (It costs around £26 for 200 single-sided A6 Flyers 250gm Silk cards.)

Make Your Own

If you’d rather create your own prayer cards, please use the SIM UK logos provided:

These are subject to branding guidelines (included in the zip folder downloaded).

Your Ministry Profile

Many of our active workers are listed on our website, providing a digital focal point for existing and prospective supporters.

If you would like to be added, please email [email protected]. You’ll need a photo (it can be the same as your prayer card), some contextual information about you, and some prayer points.

Thank you for your ministry!