Outreach Ministry

By faith we see every Zimbabwean with the opportunity to hear of Jesus Christ, believers discipled to a fuller understanding of their faith and Christ’s compassionate love expressed and shared with the hurting and suffering.

SIM has several projects within this ministry, reaching specific communities or groups of people.

We are praying for skilled and experienced workers who can serve alongside us. Particular needs include children’s workers, civil engineers, student mentors and qualified therapists.

Projects include:

  • Talitha Cumi (96397), helping marginalised and vulnerable girls with access to education.
  • Famine relief (96388), providing for the physical and spiritual needs of those affected by disaster and famine, including a rebuilding of churches and bridges after cyclones or other natural disasters.
  • HIV AIDs ministries (96381), ministering to those suffering with HIV AIDS or other terminal illnesses.

For financial support of the project, please specify name and project number.