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Making disciples where Christ is least known

Our vision and challenge for 2024

It’s estimated that 2 in 5 people will likely go through their lives without ever hearing the gospel. Play your part in changing the narrative.

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God calls each of us to follow Jesus in loving others and making disciples amongst all nations.

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Free resources to help you focus on Christ’s commission locally and globally.

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Faithful Witness

Connecting workers in multicultural teams to communities with no church.

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When God makes plans

10 July 2024

A gospel-hearted couple praise God for leading them to set up home in a country where most people have never met a follower of Jesus. 

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The gospel moves at the speed of relationships

25 June 2024

Connections made through English conversation classes and summer camps are having an impact in a broken community in Thailand.

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Pray with Sarah in Bolivia

The law in Bolivia states that children are allowed to live in prison with their incarcerated mothers until one day before their seventh birthday. Sarah gives thanks for opportunities to speak to the mums about parenting and how to support their children’s education. As she shares knowledge alongside prayer and biblical truths, pray lives will be transformed.

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