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Two weeks after the first COVID 19 case was confirmed in Santa Cruz, Bolivia, the government declared a national health emergency and there were hefty fines for those found to be disobeying quarantine orders. 

Pharmacies, hospitals and health centres were allowed to remain open, but stories emerged about how one coronavirus patient was refused treatment after hospitals became concerned about scarce resources and overcrowding.

In Potosi, many medical centres closed their doors to new patients amid fears of transmissions of COVID-19, but Allinta Ruwana remained open as staff continued reaching out, not only with treatment, but with the gospel message and prayer.

This prompted one of the clinic’s patients to call a local radio station to let people know that they would not be turned away.

“This one call led to further mentions of the clinic on the radio, which has resulted in new patients coming to the clinic, many of whom have been open to hearing about Jesus and are open to prayer,” says Eleanor Clibborn, who has been serving with SIM UK in Potosi for the past two-and-a-half years.

“As this pandemic causes many to re-evaluate their thoughts about who or what they put their trust in, we as Christians have a real opportunity to witness through the way we live our lives and speak of the confidence we have because we have a sure foundation, a rock on which we stand.”

Please pray

  • For protection over the medical staff Allinta Ruwana as they strive to be salt and light.
  • Praise God that his light is shining through the medical team and that they would be able to speak of Jesus to many more patients.
  • Pray for churches as they unite to provide food packages to the population of Potosi and that previously hardened hearts will be open to hear the good news of Jesus.

This was posted on 6 June 2020 in Compassionate ministries and Medical Mission and Ministry stories.
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