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Many people are on mission through SIM across the world, and would value your prayers and support!

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Yvonne is serving in the northern part of the country, where she is involved in helping Christian business people put the gospel into practice in their daily lives.

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    Watler and Ella are part of a small Serving In Mission team in Zimbabwe. Walter is trying to galvanise the southern African church to send out mission workers and both he and Ella run a Christian nursery school.

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      Victor and Rachel are long-term mission workers in Mseleni, South Africa. Victor is a doctor at the local hospital, while Rachel runs an orphanage and children’s home.

        Read Victor and Rachel Fredlund’s full profile

        Tom and Jemma are both teachers at Bingham Academy,, Ethiopia. They have always wanted to share their faith through their work but found that impossible in the UK – they both see it as a huge joy that they are able to do that at Bingham.

          Read Tom and Jemma Fifield, Ellie May and Mim’s full profile

          Tim and Tricia have served for many years, first in Zimbabwe, then in South Africa, now in the UK. Tim is now Engage Coordinator, helping bring cross-cultural workers into UK churches, whilst Tricia is the SIM UK Health Coordinator.

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            Tim and Rachel are both doctors serving in Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia. Tim is a paediatric orthopaedic surgeon at the CURE Hospital and Rachel is training family practitioners at Addis Ababa University.

              Read Tim and Rachel Nunn, Matthew, Rebekah and Joel’s full profile

              Theresa and Aki lives in Addis Ababa, where Theresa is a history teacher at Bingham Academy, a Christian school teaching the children of mission workers, the international community and Ethiopian families. She is sent by Hamilton Baptist Church.

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                Tim and Hannah served in Kenya, where Tim was part of the communications team. A talented photographer and videographer, he covered several major stories of how God is working through SIM during their time in Africa.

                  Read The Colemans, (Tim, Hannah, Reuben, Makena and Beatrice)’s full profile

                  Ted and Rachel Watts, with their two boys are sent by Beeston Free Evangelical Church to work in Madagascar, at the Good News Hospital of Mandritsara.

                    Read Ted and Rachel Watts’s full profile

                    Steven and Jo Wheatley with Sarah, supported by St Mary’s Church, Maidenhead, are currently serving in Blantyre, Malawi.

                      Read Steven and Jo Wheatley, with Sarah’s full profile

                      Steve is Serving In Mission’s UK Director, responsible for leading the agency and its staff since March, 2014. For the previous four years, he had led Grace Church, a growing Co-Mission church plant in Worcester Park, south London.

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                        Stephen and Sheree are serving in Nepal, after many years in Thailand. Steve, who is sent by Victoria Baptist Church, Eastbourne, is finance advisor of a small non-governmental organisation which runs two hospitals, a school and several other development projects.

                          Read Steve and Sheree Francis’s full profile

                          Stephanie teaches several courses at the Evangelical Bible College in Malawi and teaches Christian counselling with students in remote areas of the country.

                            Read Stephanie Darling’s full profile

                            Simon leads the dental team at a clinic at the Eternal Love Winning All (ELWA) Hospital in Monrovia. Grace is a nurse and supports medical staff and patients at the same hospital. The couple are sent by St Gregory’s Church, Crakehall, north Yorkshire.

                              Read Simon and Grace Stretton-Downes’s full profile

                              Sarah serves at Mekelle Youth Centre in Mekelle, Ethiopia, where she is learning Tigrinya and helping disciple young people. She is sent by St Andrew’s Church, Oxford.

                                Read Sarah Dorman’s full profile

                                Samuel is a doctor and bio-medical scientist, who works short-term in Galmi Hospital, Niger. He is supported by Gracemead Church, Hatfield.

                                  Read Samuel Boadi’s full profile

                                  Sam and Katie are serving in Central Africa. Both children of mission parents, they have had a lifelong desire to serve God in Africa. They are sent by four churches from the UK and another from France and have two sons and a daughter.

                                    Read Sam and Katie’s full profile

                                    Ruth Guinness has been working with Serving In Mission since 2000. After a year spent immersed in language and culture, Ruth began teaching at the Evangelical Bible College of Malawi.

                                      Read Ruth Guinness’s full profile

                                      Sent by a church in Southampton, Ruth and her family are involved in a wide variety of ministries in West Africa from Bible translation to strengthening groups of local Christians.

                                        Read Ruth and family’s full profile

                                        Ron and Irma are working to disciple church pastors in South Africa. Ron teaches at two Bible schools and Irma leads Bible study groups.

                                          Read Ron and Irma Kock, Danielle and Emily’s full profile

                                          Rob Eldred is from Maidstone Family Church, Maidstone. He serves in the UK as Member Care Coordinator.

                                            Read Rob Eldred’s full profile

                                            Rachel serves as Lead Mobiliser for the #HowWillTheyHear refugee ministry collaboration, promoting gospel work among refugee and migrant communities in Europe.

                                              Read Rachel MacInnes’s full profile

                                              Claire and Philip serve at Bingham Academy, Ethiopia where Claire teaches biology and chemistry and Philip is Facilities Manager. The family is sent and supported by Grosvenor Road Baptist Church in the Republic of Ireland.

                                                Read Philip and Claire Tuttlebee, Anna, Evan & Grace’s full profile

                                                Phil and Chris are serving in Addis Ababa – Chris is teaching at Bingham Academy, an international school which teaches the children of mission workers and some Ethiopians; Phil is a doctor at SIM’s headquarters in Addis, helping provide medical care for our huge team there.

                                                  Read Phil and Chris Griffin’s full profile

                                                  Phil and Carolyn are involved in Bible translation and medical work for West Africa.

                                                    Read Phil and Carolyn Reid’s full profile

                                                    Peter and Claire-Lise are serving as church planters in Castres, France. They are sent by Christ Church Balham.

                                                      Read Peter and Claire-Lise Judkins, Keziah and Naomi’s full profile

                                                      Sent by Holy Trinity Church in Norwich, Penny is SIM Ghana Director and leads the multi-cultural team there.

                                                        Read Penny Bakewell’s full profile

                                                        Paul and Tricia Todd are seconded by SIM Nigeria to work as Senior Editor of African Christian Textbooks (ACTS) a Nigerian-based Christian publishing and retailing company.

                                                          Read Paul and Tricia Todd’s full profile

                                                          Paul and Tania Tanner from Poulner Baptist Chapel, Ringwood serve in Botswana with Flying Mission.

                                                            Read Paul and Tania Tanner, Thomas and Arthur’s full profile

                                                            Paul and Hilary serve in Windhoek, where Paul teaches at Namibia Evangelical Theological Seminary and Hilary teaches at a local school whenever she gets the opportunity.

                                                              Read Paul and Hilary Gunning’s full profile

                                                              Pam works in Sandema, northern Ghana, where she encourages local churches with youth and children’s work.

                                                                Read Pam Boothman’s full profile

                                                                Nicky is a key member of the City Ministries team in Nigeria, where she works with orphans and vulnerable children.

                                                                  Read Nicky Brand’s full profile

                                                                  Naomi is a Bible teacher at several schools in and around Cape Town. She is sent and supported by Windsor Baptist Church, Belfast

                                                                    Read Naomi Jones’s full profile

                                                                    Naomi is teaching the children of mission workers in Mandritsara, Madagascar. Most of their parents work in a mission hospital which treats some of the poorest people on the island.

                                                                      Read Naomi Coleman’s full profile

                                                                      Mike is the director of Serving In Mission UK’s Ireland operation. Working from Belfast, he deals with new inquiries from would-be mission workers, helps them through the application process and then supports them when they become members.

                                                                        Read Mike Ewan’s full profile

                                                                        Michelle serves at Mukinge Hospital, Zambia where she is an anaesthetist and takes responsibility for Serving In Mission’s Zambian member care.

                                                                          Read Michelle Proctor’s full profile

                                                                          Megumi and Helen Fazakerley have served in Malawi since 1993. Helen mentors and disciples other missionaries, whilst Megumi is involved in Bible school teaching.

                                                                            Read Megumi and Helen Fazakerley’s full profile

                                                                            ‘Maureen’ works in a sensitive location as a language teacher, building relationships with students and their families.

                                                                              Read Maureen’s full profile

                                                                              Matthew and Karen serve in Blantyre, Malawi. Matthew is involved in Bible teaching, whilst Karen serves in community development in Blantyre. They are sent by Niddrie Community Church, Edinburgh.

                                                                                Read Matthew and Karen Reilly’s full profile

                                                                                Mark and Cheryl had been working in West Africa but are now on extended home assignment where they are both also involved with the SIM UK team. Mark is our Welsh Mobiliser and Cheryl is our Third Culture Kids Coordinator.

                                                                                  Read Mark and Cheryl Gibson, Joshua, Amelia and Sam’s full profile

                                                                                  Malcolm is a former UK and International Director of SIM. Both he and Liz are now seconded from SIM to the Langham Partnership where they work as a Scholar Care Coordinator (Liz) and Associate Director for Scholar Care (Malcolm).

                                                                                    Read Malcolm and Liz McGregor’s full profile

                                                                                    Lizzie White is from Barnabas Community Church, Shrewsbury. She has been serving in Peru and partnering with a local organisation called Aidia, focussing on rural development.

                                                                                      Read Lizzie White’s full profile

                                                                                      Liffy serves in West Africa, where she teaches English and works with street women. Sent by Eden Baptist Church, Cambridge, her heart is to share the gospel with people who do not know Jesus Christ.

                                                                                        Read Liffy Gorton’s full profile

                                                                                        Jonny and Olga serve in the new Quechua communities on the edge of the city of Sucre in Bolivia.

                                                                                          Read Jonny and Olga Anderson, Joel, Joanna and Jonah’s full profile

                                                                                          Jonathan and Elaine have a huge heart to take the gospel to Muslim people in a remote part of Niger nad have been working overseas for more than 30 years.

                                                                                            Read Jonathan and Elaine Burt’s full profile

                                                                                            Sent by Long Crendon Baptist Church in Aylesbury, John and Abi Hunt have been serving in Jos, Nigeria for many years. They are involved in Bible teaching and literacy work.

                                                                                              Read John and Abi Hunt’s full profile

                                                                                              Jim and Megan served abroad for many years but are now based in Scotland. Jim is involved in training pastors in Benin, while Megan in SIM’s point person for international ministry.

                                                                                                Read Jim and Megan Patterson’s full profile

                                                                                                Jill Ireland is from St Andrew’s Church, Oxford. She has worked with Sports Friend’ in Thailand since 2008 and is now Interim Country Director.

                                                                                                  Read Jill Ireland’s full profile

                                                                                                  Jenny is serving in Jos, Nigeria where she is currently home schooling an MK with Autism during the COVID-19 lockdown. She will be taking part…

                                                                                                    Read Jenny Clarke’s full profile

                                                                                                    Janetta manages the SIM guesthouse in Cochabamba, and also serves in a children’s home and an organisation that produces Sunday school resources.

                                                                                                      Read Janetta Fokkema’s full profile

                                                                                                      Irene serves as a nurse in Lubango, Angola, primarily involved in the care for obstetric fistula patients.

                                                                                                        Read Irene Westendorp’s full profile

                                                                                                        Ian and Lindsay, send by Holy Trinity Church in Jesmond, Newcastle run the communications ministry in Malawi.

                                                                                                          Read Ian and Lindsay Farrimond’s full profile

                                                                                                          Hilary and Marc Deneufchâtel (with Simon, Benjy and Eve) have been serving in Benin since 2009 where they have been working in church development and Bible translation amongst the Monkolé people.

                                                                                                            Read Hilary and Marc Deneufchâtel, Simon, Benjy and Eve’s full profile

                                                                                                            Helen serves as the Personnel Director in the International Leadership Team and the International Operations Teams of SIM.

                                                                                                              Read Helen Heron’s full profile

                                                                                                              Hannah is SIM’s Mobilisation Team Leader and Mobiliser for central and south west England. She partners with churches to help mission workers into the field, supporting them, caring for them and praying for them throughout the application process and beyond.

                                                                                                                Read Hannah Boxall’s full profile

                                                                                                                Graham is the Deputy Finance Director for SIM UK and treasurer for SIM Switzerland, whilst Trudy is working remotely for as SIM Ghana treasurer.

                                                                                                                  Read Graham and Trudy Brown’s full profile

                                                                                                                  Geoff and Rosaliene are serving in Zimbabwe, where Geoff is involved in discipleship and leadership training and Rosaliene is a community development worker.

                                                                                                                    Read Geoff and Rosaliene Donaldson and Lisanne’s full profile

                                                                                                                    Emma runs the university outreach programme for SIM worldwide from her base in South Africa. Sent by Trinity Church, Exeter, she lives in Cape Town and is developing opportunities for people to serve in a wide range of university ministries.

                                                                                                                      Read Emma Brewster’s full profile

                                                                                                                      Emily is working in Niger with SIM ministry Sports Friends. She is helping the Nigerien church train up sports coaches, who will be equipped to share the gospel with those they train.

                                                                                                                        Read Emily Pryce’s full profile

                                                                                                                        Edna, sent by Bingley Baptist Church, is serving in South Korea, at the Missionary Training Institute.

                                                                                                                          Read Edna Gibson’s full profile

                                                                                                                          Donald and Becky serve with their family in central Mexico, helping train up local church planters to see lives changes and communities transformed by the gospel.

                                                                                                                            Read Donald and Becky Kamese, Ben and Elliot’s full profile

                                                                                                                            Deborah is Personnel Director of Serving In Mission UK. She served for several years with Serving In Mission’s South Sudan team before returning to the UK. She is supported by Christchurch, Cambridge.

                                                                                                                              Read Deborah Agnes’s full profile

                                                                                                                              Sent by Kells Presbyterian Church in Northern Ireland, Debbie serves in Madagascar in the ‘Together in Bible Translation’ project currently based in Toliara, a town in the southeast of the country.

                                                                                                                                Read Debbie Simpson’s full profile

                                                                                                                                Dave and Maura run 2:19, an SIM ministry designed to help UK churches reach out to their local multi-cultural communities through English lessons. Dave also teaches at Oak Hill Bible school in North London.

                                                                                                                                  Read Dave and Maura Baldwin’s full profile

                                                                                                                                  Darren plays a vital role in the smooth running of Serving In Mission, by acting as treasurer for our international leadership team. The family, who are supported by Cheam Baptist Church, are based in Charlotte, North Carolina, where Ruthie helps out with SIM USA member care.

                                                                                                                                    Read Darren and Ruthie Campbell, Abigail and Isaac’s full profile

                                                                                                                                    Claire Robinson has been working with Serving In Mission since 2010 and is now head teacher at Mukinge Hill Academy in Zambia.

                                                                                                                                      Read Claire Robinson’s full profile

                                                                                                                                      Cat and Somchai serve with SIM’s Sports Friends ministry, which seeks to make disciples of Jesus Christ using the powerful platform of sport.

                                                                                                                                        Read Catherine and Somchai Tongkao’s full profile

                                                                                                                                        Sent by New Life Bible Church in Wealdstone, Bev is Personnel Coordinator for the SIM Ghana team, based in Accra.

                                                                                                                                          Read Bev Howell’s full profile

                                                                                                                                          Andrew and Helen Curry, Thomas and Esther, supported by St Luke’s Church Hampstead are serving in West Africa. Andrew works with university students whilst Helen serves at a medical clinic.

                                                                                                                                            Read Andrew and Helen Curry, Thomas and Esther’s full profile