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Running water today, living water tomorrow

8 October 2021

Read how God is using water pumps as tools to open people’s hearts to the gospel.

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New Bible on its way to Benin

6 October 2021

SIM’s Hilary Deneufchatel moved back to France from Benin, praising God she had fulfilled her goal of helping the Monkolé people have access to the whole Bible in their own language.

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Brushing teeth

5 October 2021

Read how one SIM worker helped students make praying for their friends a daily habit they’d never forget!

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Shalom House: A haven for survivors of trafficking

22 September 2021

The risk of human trafficking is very real for many people in the countries and communities where SIM works. Read about one SIM ministry that is helping survivors on their recovery journey.

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Home is where the gospel is

14 September 2021

Geaane, from the Netherlands, felt called to serve the Lord for a year in South Africa in 2015, but it soon turned into a long-term ministry that helps families living in the poorest communities

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‘Love them as yourself’

8 September 2021

As churches and communities across many countries are stepping up to serve Afghan refugees – alongside other displaced people – we’re highlighting a couple of…

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Harriet’s story

7 September 2021

How do you support a new believer who lost her sole source of income? An income that dried up when she stopped performing demonic healings…

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Praying with the Afghan church

2 September 2021

As updates on the situation in Afghanistan continue coming in, it could be all too easy to despair or give up hope.

Kabul by Sohaib Ghyasi Read more about Praying with the Afghan church

Teamwork in Thailand

31 August 2021

Two SIM ministries are partnering to bring hope and restoration to the people of Chiang Mai and Ayutthaya, Thailand.

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Hope for all nations

31 August 2021

Tony Thompson, who started Hope Church in Luton 18 years ago, reflects on the ongoing challenge of leading a multicultural church and how SIM UK can help with this ministry.

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Christian villages attacked in Nigeria

25 August 2021

Since 23rd July, there have been numerous attacks on predominantly Christian villages and communities surrounding Miango

People after village attacked in Nigeria Read more about Christian villages attacked in Nigeria

18 more and counting!

10 August 2021

The pandemic is not thwarting God’s plans for global mission, says Linda Hunt, Prayer Coordinator for SIM UK.

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A measure of success?

10 August 2021

God is just as much active in our day-to-day lives as in the big events, say one couple serving in Ecuador.

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A new Bible translation!

29 July 2021

The Kafa Bible was dedicated in Bonga, Ethiopia, earlier this year. Read about this labour of love spanning more than 40 years.

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Back to normal?

20 July 2021

Pastor Wayne Sutton says the pandemic has given his church a profound wake-up call.

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