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The right Orientation

5 March 2021

Discover how our 5 day Orientation programme introduces all our people to some important areas they need to keep learning and growing in as they start serving in mission.

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Hiring now!

2 March 2021

Read how one SIM couple are helping job seekers in the aftermath of Covid-19.

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You can count on SIM

26 February 2021

‘We are stewards of God’s money and we have a responsibility to spend it wisely’

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‘A young and vibrant couple’

23 February 2021

Today, there are no known believers in the Kayes region of Mali, which is predominantly inhabited by Hassaniya herdsmen. Living in this remote region on…

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What it means to belong to the SIM family

16 February 2021

Knowing they are part of the ‘SIM family’ is vital for our workers on the field.

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Better together

27 January 2021

Meet the new SIM team passionate about sharing the gospel in Ghana.

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Still sharing hope with refugees

15 January 2021

Five years ago, more than a million people crossed into Europe and safer parts of the Middle East to escape conflict and poverty. Many of…

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From so-and-so to somebody

8 January 2021

Find out about the exciting work the Lord is doing through SIM’s Faithful Witness initiative among the Fulani in northern Nigeria.

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Unity and diversity

23 December 2020

Siegfried Ngubane, SIM’s Regional Director for Southern Africa, says the gospel is not confined to any single nation or tongue.

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Medical mission: Is it still needed?

23 December 2020

Fi McLachlan, Head of Christian Mission Fellowship Global, explains why there is still a need to raise health care personnel to go and serve in medical mission.

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