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The healing power of art

9 August 2022

“It was here in a watercolour class that God used colour and line — and women who didn’t even know him — to heal my heart.”

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Doing business God’s way

2 August 2022

No business, big or small, escaped the impact of Covid-19, creating a challenge for many of our missional business people.

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Mustard seeds of faith continue to grow

21 July 2022

Sunday school materials translated into Arabic are providing the foundation for the next generation of gospel workers in the Middle East.

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True to our word

19 July 2022

Read how our commitment to biblical truth helps SIM embrace diversity.

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A dream is born

12 July 2022

The Lord is opening doors for sub-Saharan Africans to live and serve in North Africa.

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Called: Ted Watts

6 July 2022

The call to mission runs deep in surgeon Ted Watts.

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Pastor Nong’s ‘crazy’ plan kicks off

22 June 2022

In a rural village in northern Thailand, God placed a burden on pastor Nong’s heart to find a way to share Jesus with the local teenagers who often gathered together to play football.

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Back on the ward after 25 years

14 June 2022

A semi-retired doctor recalls the highs and lows of her two short-term medical missions in West Africa.

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Planting gospel seeds in central Benin

14 June 2022

Introducing someone to Jesus who knows nothing about him, and who has probably been told that Christianity is false and the Bible is corrupt, takes time.

Maze of Dirt Roads, SIM Benin Read more about Planting gospel seeds in central Benin

Home is where the heart is for Anaïs

25 May 2022

Anaïs encounters people with amazing, yet heart-breaking stories in her ministry, but tries to see God at work in each and every one.

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For such a time as this

24 May 2022

Meet a couple with a real heart to share their faith with a multicultural community in Manchester.

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‘God shows no partiality’

20 May 2022

Intercultural churches are not a blueprint, they’re an outcome of living out Jesus’ teaching, says Steve Smith UK Director

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From camper to coach

17 May 2022

Read how one boy’s life was transformed through attending a Sports Friends camp.

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