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In April 2018, after 15 years working with women and children in northern Ghana, Penny was called to lead a new team – new in role and new to each other.

Part of Penny’s role involves working to develop stronger partnerships with Ghanaian church leaders as she shares SIM’s vision of sharing the love of Jesus in places where the gospel has seldom, if ever been heard.

In her role of moving the team forwards, Penny, sent by Holy Trinity Church, Norwich, has been exploring what it means to be a ‘team’ – especially in this time of Covid.

“The answer requires that we seek to look with God’s eyes through his Holy Spirit to see who he is calling together to accomplish his work in his world,” she says.


When Pam came to Ghana to oversee the guesthouse in Accra, little did she know that God would be calling her from the bustling city of Accra to the northern town of Sandema.

The Lord had laid on her heart the need to equip churches to reach and disciple children and a team is forming between pastors and parents, who are united by a deep desire to see their discipleship happening within the home.


Pam, who is sent by Carntyne Church, Glasgow, shares a house with SIM teammate Yvonne, whose heart is to see marketplace leaders in Sandema, view their work as worship.

During COVID-19, this growing team supported one another through further online training and encouraged one another as they learned.

Lockdown also gave Yvonne, who is sent by St Silas Church, Glasgow, time to study more about business in mission and she was able to work through online Christian business courses with three church leaders.


SIM Ghana Personnel Director Bev changed teams by leaving the balmy beauty of Kenya for Ghana. In 2020, Bev, who is sent by New Life Bible Church, Wealdstone, travelled by plane, car and packed minibuses in order to spend time with her teammates and to understand more of what life is like for them.

“My desire is to see this team thrive in life and ministry,” she says.


In 2021, SIM Ghana has welcomed a new member to its team: Kara, who is sent by St Barnabas Church, north London, and will be using her physiotherapy skills in community health ministry in the north of the country.

By Kerry Allan

Please pray

  • For Penny and Bev as they seek to move the Ghana team forward and explore new ways of working in this time of Covid.
  • For Yvonne and Pam to make good and safe connections as they relocate back to Sandema after sheltering in Accra.
  • That Kara will integrate well into the team and settle into a new, rural lifestyle and culture.

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