Christian villages attacked in Nigeria

This is not the first time these areas have suffered violence from Fulani cattle herders, but the latest round of attacks seems more intense, with little, to no intervention from security agencies.

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Video from City Ministries, Nigeria

Getting an accurate assessment of the scale of destruction often proves difficult, with some news sources greatly underestimating the damage and loss of life, while other groups seem to report an inflated figure.

One local organisation reports the following statistics for the period 30 July –4 August: 26 Irigwe communities attacked and displaced, 65 people killed, 55 injured, 3,141 houses burnt, 1,520 houses vandalised, 1,300 houses demolished.

The report says 2,901 farms were also destroyed, which will have an ongoing economic impact on the communities.

From this recent crisis alone there are 30,000 IDPs (Internally Displaced Persons) taking refuge in Miango town and neighboring Kwall. The vast majority of these IDPs (65%) are children.

Through our project system, SIM Nigeria is helping with some immediate needs such as food, blankets and soap. The plan is to render immediate assistance, then assess the situation again in four to six weeks when the initial aid runs out. After two to three months, we will facilitate the trauma-healing process.

If you desire to contribute to this effort, donations can go through project #96037 – Christian Crisis Fund since the majority of the victims are Christians, or the more general project #96038-Nigeria Relief Fund. Please designate any gifts for this purpose as “Miango Crisis”.

Please pray

  • Please pray divine wisdom and guidance as our administration unites with others in response to this trauma.
  • Pray for those affected that they would find strength and encouragement in the Lord even as they are seeking to care for their pressing physical needs.
  • Pray also for the relational impact this will have as the last few weeks could present a challenge to the attitude of local Christians toward Fulani in general.

This was posted on 25 August 2021 in Ministry stories.
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