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In 2016, SIM workers at our clinic in Doro, South Sudan, launched a maternity and family planning training programme.

The aim was to teach a vast and diverse community the importance of seeking safe reproductive health services, as well as reaching them with the good news of Jesus.

A total of 45 women have now been trained as reproductive health services promoters and are employed by SIM’s neighbouring health facilities to use their new knowledge and skills.

Many have also become believers through working in collaboration with the clinic’s chaplain during their training.

The diverse team at SIM Doro Clinic serves more than 150,000 people from within the local village and refugee camps.

The village of Doro was once a sleepy village in the middle of the bush, but today, hosts houses the largest refugee camp where more than 51,000 people are living – just outside the SIM clinic’s door.

Many living in other refugee camps around Doro, come from places that have in the past, been difficult if not impossible for mission workers to reach and seeking care at the clinic is the first time they have the opportunity to hear the gospel.


The clinic was started by Dr Bob Grieve in 1938. He and his wife, Claire, sought to serve the local Maban population with much-needed medical care.

They and their team also had a deep desire to introduce the Mabaans to Christ. Unfortunately, they were both killed in WWII when an Italian plane bombed the region.

The clinic was opened and closed a few times during the long 50-year civil war in Sudan and reopened its doors in 2008.

Currently, the clinic provides outpatient services including a very busy primary health care clinic, prenatal and maternity services, leprosy treatment, and a nutrition village that serves the needs of severely malnourished children.

By Kerry Allan

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Please pray

  • Give thanks the SIM clinic cares for the physical and spiritual needs of more than 35,000 patients a year.
  • For funding to enable staff to provide round-the-clock maternity services to an expected increased population by September 2021.
  • For protection of clinic staff and patients from Covid 19. 

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