Head of Operations

We are looking for someone who likes making things work well, through good process, policy, infrastructure and care for our people.  Someone who is confident understanding IT infrastructure and tools, plus has a track record of enabling strong teamwork through developing people, process and policy. 

Ideally, the person has held responsibility for some aspects of operations within an organisation and has experience of managing projects which requires regular reporting and budget management.  They will have experience of helping a team work well together, developing individuals.  Someone who has experience in change management and working collaboratively across different teams/parts of an organisation. 


You would play a key part in our Leadership Team, working in a collaborative and cross-cutting way to achieve our goals, adding to our capacity to deliver new initiatives.  We are currently reviewing each of our core systems – CRM, finance, file storage – and you will play a lead role in moving this forward.  You would ensure that we are using appropriate measures to monitor progress towards our goals and develop the operational systems we use to collect and manage our data.  You will seek out best-practice and research to inform the organisation’s development. 

As well as taking a lead in our development, you will also ensure we have a stable and effective base of operations to work from.  You, along with our Operations Manager, will oversee the maintenance and good management of our office spaces and equipment.  You will encourage healthy working practices within the wider team, of which more than half are remote workers.  We have a small number of volunteers and we would like this to grow.  As we take the good news of Jesus to places where He is least known, we need to be well-prepared, with good risk assessments, contingency plans and up to date crisis management training.


To apply for this role please download the documents below and fill out the application form. Then upload the completed application form as a pdf using the ‘Apply for this Job’ Button. If you have any questions about this role or issues with completing the application form please email: [email protected]


The planned date for interviews is Tuesday 7th November at 6 Trust Court CB24 9PW.

Sorry, this job has passed its closing date.

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