Evangelism through Community Development

SIM Mozambique prays to see a group of believers present in all areas of the north.

We engage with locals, both in the city and in the village, with “tools” to meet their needs while opening the door for relationships and direct gospel teaching, and eventually, new communities of believers.

There are opportunities in several ministry projects:

Foundations for Farming

We are spreading God’s good news through agricultural training. This not only presents the Gospel but encourages discipleship through continued follow up and relationship building. The other focus is on increasing the yield of local farmers both in their staple crops and in their gardens. We are seeing up to a ten-fold yield increase. In an area where the vast majority (more than 70%) rely on their own agricultural prowess and produce this ministry makes a dramatic and powerful impact.

If you have a background in farming, agriculture or community education, we would love to hear from you!

Literacy and English tutoring

Unfortunately, there is a lack of good education in Mozambique, resulting in widespread poor literacy. We are working with many who want to learn to read and write, helping them succeed in school while hearing the Word and seeing it lived out through our lives.

English is also taught as a secondary ministry with the goal of creating opportunities for young people to get jobs by speaking English, while building relationships with them and teaching them Bible stories in English.

There are opportunities here for qualified teachers and tutors.

Working with the disabled and with additional needs children

Through meeting the physical needs of children, we show the compassion of our Saviour to them and to the families, and supplement the health care system.

We pray for physiotherapists, teachers and family support helpers to assist in this ministry.

To support these ministry projects, please quote the number below:

  • Foundations for Farming, project 96365