Faithful Witness – Global Project

SIM has a history of 130 years of gospel work; first in Africa and now in more than 70 countries around the world.

Yet there are still places in the world where there are no churches and few or no Christians and no gospel workers.

87 per cent of people without the gospel have no Christian witness and while many organisations send workers and resources to areas where there’s already a church established, Serving In Mission is committed to taking the gospel to reach every tongue, tribe and nation.

That’s why we launched our Faithful Witness scheme in 2019 to introduce the gospel strategically to communities living and dying without hearing the good news of Jesus.

Through Faithful Witness, SIM works with partner organisations and recruits from churches across the globe, to share the good news in difficult places and where there is little or no Christian witness.

The multicultural, multi-ethnic and multi-skilled teams are engaged in a host of ministries, from tent-making and business, to healthcare and education.