Medical Ministry

In a culturally, linguistically, and economically diverse environment, SIM Angola partners with churches to make disciples of Christ in communities where He is least known, training and mentoring individuals and groups through diverse ministries, including teaching God’s Word, agriculture and health care. We serve the community through excellence in medical care and teaching and reach the poor and marginalized with Christ-modelled compassion. In doing so, we demonstrate the love of Christ to every individual patient.

We send workers to Centro Evangélico de Medicina do Lubango (CEML), a tertiary care hospital providing excellent surgery and primary care. Key roles needed are family practitioners, epidemiologist, general surgeons, ophthalmologists, EM / Intensive Care physicians, registered nurses and nurse anesthetists.

We also work with the Rio da Huila Clinic and Community Health Center and Cavango Mission Clinic. These centres need general surgeons, community health nurses, dentists or dental surgeons, midwives and family practitioners.

In cooperation with local church and government, and in conjunction with Mission Aviation Fellowship, we bring excellent medical care to rural underserved areas in the provinces of Cuando Cubango, Namibe, and the Tchincombe Farm, that do not have access to medical care and the gospel. Our rural health care ‘Flying Doctor’ program needs quick-thinking family practitioners and primary care doctors.

For donations to this ministry, please quote the number for a specific project:

  • Rural Health Care – 94293
  • Hospital Sustaining Fund – 94381 (primarily CEML hospital)
  • Medical Benevolent Fund – 94380 (costs for CEML hospital, Rio da Huila hospital and Cavango clinic)