National Outreach Team

We want to see thousands of healthy churches with local believers established throughout the country.

Recognising that local evangelists are usually more effective in reaching out to rural people than foreigners are, we serve here to equip and encourage indigenous Christians in their evangelism and personal walks with the Lord. Workers are needed who can coach, mentor and offer biblical training to churches and individuals.

This ministry needs Bible tutors, teachers, experienced counsellors, administrators, finance staff and translators. Key areas include:

  • Bible Correspondence School and Partnering the Church – working with local Christians to give them the tools and training needed to reach out to the majority Muslim population
  • Theological College and a Theological Education by Extension (TEE) program – providing biblical, theological and pastoral training for leaders and members of churches across South Asia. The TEE program is particularly helpful for those who cannot leave their responsibilities to study full-time.

“I give thanks to God that he has already helped me to finish 3 TEE books. These courses have helped me to understand the Bible better and to be able to find my way around it. I am much more familiar with the Bible now. Before, I wasn’t able to concentrate on studying the Bible, but now I have a habit of doing so.”